Wednesday, March 23, 2016

3/23/2016 DB's Dailies: R5AY&Pup@Turtle Bay, Carola Johnston,RM38,Kainoa,RG32&Kea@Rabbit Island,DB, Kolohe,Kekoa&RIP@Maili Pt,, Rocky@Iroquois Point, Team Billand

To quote A Tale of Two Cities...... “It was the best of times...It was the worst of times”. That pretty much says everything about the first few hours of this day. It began with a Carola Johnston text advising that “we have a pup”. Then a Dana text at 0647 confirmed that it was R5AY with pup at Turtle Bay. The worst of times came at 1045 with a Dana text advising that “the pup did not survive”. NOAA personnel retrieved the male pup at 1330 and a necropsy is being done at this writing. That is 100% of what I know as of this moment. Hopefully, more information is on the way. Obviously, it is a very sad day.  This is just beyond sad.... my heart goes out to all the volunteers that were out there this morning....  Poor Honey Girl....

 At 0709 I found RM38 at 1BS on Rabbit Island. He would later enter the water and would haul out with Kainoa & Kea through the day.

 At 0910 Kainoa hauled out, 80 ft right of 3BS. He would be briefly joined by M38 at 1116.

 At 0935 on a pan , I found RG32 amongst the water front rocks of mid Middle Cliff , on RI.

 At 1009 Kea (RN46) would haul out of Seal Rock Inlet. He would be joined by RM38 at 1144.

 At 0919 Team Billand advised that they had 3 animals at Maili Point.

At 0921 they confirmed Kolohe (RW22), then at 0935 they got the Kekoa (RK72) ID.

Lastly , at 1043 they confirmed the RIP (RR70) ID. At 1043 they reported Rocky (RH58) at Iroquois Point

 RM38 and Kainoa 
 RM38 and Kainoa
R5AY aka Honey Girl
Kekoa and Rip
 Kekoa, Kolohe and Rip


b said...

Carola and team, my heart goes out to you with the tragic loss of R5AY's little angel.

I was thrilled to get the first text, everyone was smiling with JOY.

Then the dreaded next text of the pup: It didnt make it was beyond words for me.

I'm so sorry sorry.

Hugs to you all. I hope they find whatever caused its death and that HONEYGIRL is ok.
Prayers to you all.

Madhatter in Ohio said...

Sorry to hear about Honey Girl's pup!
I hope everything is ok with Honey Girl.
I work with children and when I taught them about Monk Seals, Honey Girl was a favorite.