Thursday, March 3, 2016

3/3/2016 DB's Dailies: Kolohe,Nani,Kainoa*G32@Rabbit Island, Kaiwi&Cass@CW, Pohaku@CIP, Besnny@Paradise Cove, Nihoa@KoOlina, U/U @Reef Runway

Rabbit Island was bare on the 0713 look, and still bare when I got back at 0815. It would be 0922 before I finally saw 2 animals, at mid Middle Cliff. The Kolohe (RW22) ID was relatively quick, but the Nani (RK60) ID took some hours. I believe her to be the “slinky toy” animal from yesterday. I thought so at the time, but I just couldn’t prove it. Today’s visibility was improved and her N50 , left shoulder bleach was visible today.

 This duo would be joined at 1031 by Kainoa (RN04) at 1031.

 At 1002 I found RG32 moving down , out of the tall grass, behind Seal Rock Inlet. All of the RI cast would remain all day.

 At 1159 45 surfers landed on Rabbit Island, leaving their 2 kayaks, and a paddle board on the high ground fronting 1BS. I called DOCARE at 1206, but alas there was no response. The Bad Guys got away clean.....again .

 Gayle Matsuda had called at 1034 with the report of Kaiwi (RK96) at China Walls. I went to check her out at 1230, and to my completed surprise I found a small, very green animal just leaving the China Walls cove where Kaiwi was located. It was abundantly clear that this was the little green female I’ve been dealing with lo these many months. She was swimming toward Spitting Cave, so I followed her, as best I could along the water front rocks, all the way to Spitting Cave. I saw one up at the big rock and then lost her.
I walked back to China Walls on the road, and upon arriving back to China Walls went to check Kaiwi’s location again. Lo & Behold there was the little green girl, lying along side Kaiwi. Finally, after lo these many months I was able to confirm what I’ve known in my little, bald heart all along. Actually seeing those RG06/07 tags finally confirmed that it was Cass, born to mama Sadie back on 4-15-15, on Rabbit Island !!!!!

 At 0538 the Billands received word from Paradise Cove security that Benny (RE74) had arrived around midnight and departed at 0500 . The Benny ID was by his new aquired double girdle bleach. 

At 0604 volunteer Warren reported an overnighted Nihoa (R912) at Lagoon #3 , KoOlina. Volunteer Diane Terai woul report her departure(1115) and then her return (1140), and once again her departure(1202). Mahalos to Waren, Michelle & Diane T.

 At 0936 the Billands advise that they had found a fresh wallow at the birth beach, at the Reef Runway. They would later advise that they were watching a foraging animal off shore of that location,however an ID was never possible.

 At 1416 the Billands found Kekoa (RK72) & Kimo Kai (RT12) together at Maili Point.

 Lesley M., called at 1728 with the report of Kauai kid, R8HY, once again at the birth beach, Mokuleia.
Bad Guys on Rabbit Island
 Kolohe, Kainoa and Nani 
 Kaiwi and Cass
 Cass will be coming up on her 1st birthday in April... wonder were momma Sadie been hiding out
Kekoa and Kimo Kai
 Kimo Kai

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