Saturday, March 19, 2016

3/19/2016 A Turtle is Saved

I decided to share this story about this turtle for a couple of reasons.... The main reason is I know many of you deal with some difficult people and events out on the beaches.... It's hard and sometimes you might feel defeated.... Well this story shows there are good people out there and when we find them we certainly want to celebrate them.  THANK YOU to ALL involved in saving this turtle's life.

In Barabara's words: 
We were watching Rocky, noticed a small turtle, struggling in the water off shore. A military man with his family, came to us. Do you see that turtle??? Yes, he seems entangled.

The man agreed to go try and see what was wrong with the turtle. He got to it, tried to grab it, the turtle moved. Man came back to shore, pumped up. I can help it, I can help it.

He went back in the water, Rob gave him his knife to cut the fishing line. It was around his foreflipper, so he was going to drown. WOODY..our Hero, cut the fishing line. We watched in HOPE, that WOODY could free this poor turtle.

Woody held the turtel up for all of us to see, HE CUT THE LINES and HOOK FREE and the turtle swam off.

We cheered from shore, WOODY's family so excited, HUGGING DADDY when he came to shore. We hugged him too, thanked his help in saving a poor sea turtle.  He was STOKED HIMSELF. I showed him the photos I took. I told him, I WILL SEND THESE TO YOU...He gave me his e...THE END....a good one.

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What a wonderful day you had. Thank you.