Wednesday, March 16, 2016

3/15/2016 DB's Dailies: Kea&U/M@Rabbit Island, Pohaku@CIP,Benny@Makaha,RIP,Keako&Kimo Kai@Maili Pt, RK36@Maili Guard Rails, RL42@Makua Cliffs, RW02@Ka'ena Pt (westside), 3-15-16, Y/N, RI37@Kuilima Cove, KC@MCBH

Rabbit Island had the only cast in the SE quadrant again today. At 0719 I found a U/M in the grass behind Seal Rock Inlet. Morning lighting and heavy duty vog made a ID impossible. U/M is the best I can do. He moved down behind the water front rocks and remained there the rest of the day. My guess is Buster but ????

 It was more or less the same with the animal I found at 1119,behind the water front rocks at mid Middle Cliff, on RI. Thankfully that beautiful RFF natural bleach would pop up every once in a while and I knew that it was Kea (RN46).

 At 0737 the Billands reported a foraging Pohaku (RO28) off CIP, doing 7-8 minute dives.

 At 0833 C/C called with the report of an animal at Makaha Beach. When the Billands arrived at 0905 they found Benny (RE74). Per Deb, he would depart at 1422.

 At 1014 Team Billand reported RIP (RR70) & Kekoa 9RK72) at Maili Point.

 They sighted a 3rd animal at Maili Point, foraging off shore. At 1057 the made the Kimo Kai (RT12) ID.

 At 1433 the Billands found RK36 at Maili Guard Rails. Their next find came at 1542 with the report of RL42 at Makua Cliffs.

 A Diane Gabriel text at 1616 brought word of RW04/14 mid way between Yokes and Ka’ena Point. Those are the two new tags for our ol’ buddy, RW02. Mahalos to Kyra for the call & the ID shots. 

Speaking of Diga, In the Yesterday’s News department, we have shots from Diane of RI37 at Kuilima Cove, Turtle Bay, from 3-14-16.

 There is another Y/N story. KC (RK28) hauled out for a second day, yesterday at Pyramid Rock, MCBH. Beth Ford called her in and she, Lauren & Lusi took charge. Thank you Lauren for the excellent ID photos of KC

 kimo kai

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