Thursday, May 9, 2013

What happened to Team Billand pics?

As of this posting I have not received Team Billand photos.... sometimes they send them in late, and DB usually comments on that.... but he didn't mention it so I am not sure what to think.
Unfortunately I still do not have internet access in my house so I am doing this from the shop....
Tonight I have a chance of getting home before 10pm.... so unless I hear from either DB or Team Billand, their daily shots will be posted at a later time.
~da blog lady~  
Okay so I checked one more time and here are some pics from Team Billand (YEAH!)....
Barb there weren't any of Irma ... I know you referred to them but they weren't attached... just 912, Buster and the graffiti thug.

Buster in cruise mode
 912 @ Maili
 Here are the idiots turning our beautiful landscape into crap.... also he should pull up his pants demmit! I hate seeing our natural landscapes being painted over with crap.... he's not even talented. 
 Oh no it's the po-po whatcha gonna do ?


Heide said...

Good for you, Barbara! Scott always says the dummies who want to 'tag' everything should have their tag tattooed across their foreheads when they are caught. A modern day scarlet letter. Oh happy thought.

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