Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MAY DAY - LEI DAY- KP2 Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday to KP2/Ho'ailona.
So many lives touched by this one critter.... silly seal!
 Love you Sweetie Pie!

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barbara said...

Happy birthday sweet KP2...Hoailona.
You came into our lives when we thought about quitting Monk Seals.

We had found Hoku our five month old pup DEAD with DB out at Waimanalo area. It was a sight, I can not explain to feel his spirit GONE FOREVER...It stays within my this day.

Then KP2, the Abandoned pup was out at Kaneohe Marine Corp Base, and our first look, I just cried and cried. He was in this sea pen, galumphing on land, floating in the water, all alone, with all of us observing from behind all that fencing. I thought, OH sweet little guy, given up by his mama, such a beautiful mammal. Yes, KP2 melted our hearts from day one.

He taught us all so much in the 3 months we had with him, observing all his movements, his Zen Garden he would make near the ocean end of the pen. How he would dig his snout in the sand to catch crabs, or how he would chase fish that passed within his fenced off home.

How he'd throw a fit if he didnt get any he would vocalize out loud, he was quite a seal.

Then he was taken out to Molokai at Kaulapapa, that really tore my soul out...I loved him like everyone else.

This boy has lots of mileage on his plate..more than a human being. He. He. He been transported by the C130's, in the coast guard chopper several times.

At Kaunakakai boat harbor, is where he entered the local scene and a dog as his family. You see, being brought up by humans, he didnt know his own kind...MONK SEALS. He only knew sounds, smells, he was a smart bugga. Never missed anything, even tho, he was blind.

Taken away again from Molokai, to Ohau for another month, for observation and checked out medically, for his next journey far away from Humans. But, he was discovered to have one knew what to do with this seal..KP2.

A lovely person from the Santa Cruz Marine Center..took KP2 in for two whole years...and SHE TOO, fell in love with this adorable seal from HAWAII.

Now in Hawaii, at the Waikiki Aquarium for life...teaching us all again, what a monk seal is capable of doing, feeling his wonderful spirit, giving the kids of such joy, and giving the VOLUNTEERS who took care of him...comfort, love, appreciation for his species...information to all..HOW DAM SPECIAL A MONK SEAL IS.

He will never need to worry about humans who will run him off a beach from a slumber. Or get attacked by a mean dog, get caught in a net, shot at etc.

He is with people who care...

God bless this wonderful seal, we come to know and love...HOILONA.

Happy birthday...god a long life sweet will always be with us...FOREVER.

Flipper hugs,

B and R