Monday, May 13, 2013

5-13-13 DB's Dailies: Kainoa@RI, Kaiwi@LL, RB24&Buster@WP, Ua Malie&La'akea@TB, Irma@EB, Ewa Girl&Kekoa

At 0815 I found Kaiwi (RK96) snoozin' on "Buster Flats", the rock flats jus east of Lanai Lookout. She would be gone when I did a recheck at 1230.

My first look at Rabbit Island as has been the case of late, was a bust. It would be 1044 before I finally got to see Kainoa (RN04), partially hidden behind the rocks on the far left end of RI. He would enter the water at 1222, and I lost him in the extremely rough and overcast conditions.
Team Billand checked in at 0915 with the report of Haupu (RB24) fronting #1775, White Plains. She was gone on their 1432 recheck.

Lesley called at 1402 with the report of a 75% molted Ua Malie (RT10) near her birth beach at Turtle Bay. Oddly Ua's last molt came on 7-19-12. Lesley and Diane continued the adventure and found La'akea (RK82) at Elbow Beach.

Vera called at 1422 with word that hubby Glen had confirmed Irma (R010) at the west end of Ewa Beach.

At 1450 Team Billand reported Buster (RV08) hauling out fronting #1777, Nimitz Cottages . They had followed him on his Irma Quest from Nimitz,Wind sock, Kalaeloa Campgounds and White Plains. They would report his departure, from WP, heading east, at 1527.

Dera called at 1618 with a report from Eileen about Ewa Girl (RS00) and Kekoa (RK72) together at the Reef Runway. hmmmm i got a feeling...... at least she's somewhere safe.

 Look she's sending a message... hole in one? A-OK... circle of life... 
 Buster at Nimitz 
 RB24 at White Plains
 LOL volunteer waiting for enforcement.... (okay bad joke sorry).... 

 LATE entry from Vera... Irma... big momma!!!!

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barbara said...

You said it right Donna, Volunteer waiting for help....Ha. Ha. I was going to put that comment beat me.

We saw this funny looking character in the rubbish pile, passed it, came back for a silly shot. I should have posed it better...he. he.

Miss Irma is getting so plump, and hanging out our side alot lately...hope she makes it to Rabbit Island...and not out here...the beaches are loaded with People, dogs, fishermen...Homeless.

And Buster, that crazy seal is trying so hard to find Irma for the last eight days. I wonder if he found her this afternoon in Ewa...the bugga was on cruiser mode. He had just missed...Miss Haupu at Plains. We purposely followed him to see if he'd meet up with her...NOPE, Miss Haupu...split early. She was smart....

We have not seen Miss M and M for over two weeks..I wonder if she skipped out and went to another Island....hope she is ok, maybe just hiding out from the boys, LIKE RIP who was at her butt for weeks.