Saturday, May 4, 2013

5-4-2013 Team Billand

R018 and Benny at White Plains
 Irma at windsock
 holy crap that's a lot of lines....amazing
 Kermit at white plains

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barbara said...

Hi Laurie, thanks for coming back from vacation and watching Miss Irma. Lots of dogs yesterday and people out at Windsock.

Thanks Morgan, ya done good with your Mama, Laurie as well. And your umbrella fort was cool. He. He.

And Mr. Lopes, thanks for the last hour with Irma...

We didnt do our regular route, had to watch Miss Irma and Benny with R018, plus Mr Kermit showed up at 3:20pm white we just hung out at SWQ all day long. It was a scorcher of a day...

And there was a tournament going, POLES ALL ALONG THE ROUTE and included, Plains on the Ewa Beach side, Kalaeloa was INSANE with ulua fishermen. All we got are 40 seals on Oahu, I wonder how many fishermen out there yesterday...wait for todays TOURNAMENT. I hope our seals can by pass all those hooks. I worry for the critters.