Wednesday, May 8, 2013

5-8-2013 DB's Dailies:

The first pass through the quadrant was a bust, but when I got back to Makai Pier at 0950 I found Kainoa's chubby bod 80 ft left of 1BS on Rabbit Island. He would be the only SE quadrant find today. He snoozed away the day, having RI all to himself.

At 0633 Team Billand checked in with the report of Kermit (R012) fronting #1708, White Plains.
At 0730 they advised that R018 had arrived, fronting #1707, WP.

At 0840 the Billands called to report that a possible Kolohe (RW08) had been on the rocks at Maili Pt, however when Barbara got back to the location the animal was gone, probably run off by the "permanent resident" derelicts that inhabit the site.

Team Billand called at 1258 to advise that they had been contacted by posse member , Laurie, at White Plains advising them that "N21", Buster (RV08) had arrived at 1005 to the other two animals, but departed again at 1030. He doesn't wanna' hang with da' boyz. He'z lookin' for Irma ! (though any female will do).

Lesley checked in at 1450 with the report of RL54 at "the elbow", Turtle Bay. Though she combed the entire east and upper east side, that was her only find.
Team Billand checked in at 1456 to advise that Kermit & R018 were no longer at WP. Barbara said that Laurie and told her that they were still there at 1330, so that is the departure window.

Lesley called again at 1524 with the report of Ua Malie (RT10) at her birth beach, Turtle Bay.

Probably most (or all) of you are already aware of the NY Times article that came out today, but just in case here is the link.

The NY Times article at least will bring attention on a national and possibly international level as to what we deal with as far as the plight of the Hawaiian monk seals.... What I will say, is I am proud to be part of the dedicated people who are trying to do something to help this species.... no matter how big or small it matters.  .... NOW as far as the link below....
DB said it right there aren't printable words... but having said that, we're not going to win over everyone, but there will be less and less people who will tolerate that kind of behavior or attitude.  When it comes to cultural issues, I leave that to the folks who can speak to that.... but I have to believe much of what he is saying is to an extreme and not very accurate.
Here is another link to a comment in the Garden Island News on Kauai. I have no printable words for this one.

  Kermit at White Plains
 R018 at White Plains
 Buster and R018 at white plains
 RL54 at elbow beach 
 awww little one!
 Ua Malie at Turtle Bay
 She's grown up to be a good size... 


barbara said...

Many times I run into people on the beach enjoying the sun and surf. We get to talking about the seal before us. And at times the people I meet, tell me they once tried to work with Monk Seals in the NWHI. They tell me, they QUIT after so many years, as it was depressing to see, the seals dying, being harassed, eatten by sharks, getting caught in nets. They say, it will NEVER CHANGE. It will always be tough for the HAWAIIAN MONK SEALS. ALWAYS!!

These Monk Seals have been killed for many years, killers not found or presecuted. THE KILLERS KEEP GETTING AWAY. WHY????

I have met wonderful monk seal volunteers, tired of the crap going on, THEY QUIT. They had threats, some have moved to the mainland.

Why??? Why??? Why is the Hawaiian Monks so hated?? Why cant they live in THEIR HOME??? Eat the crabs, lobsters, octopus they survive on. Its in their home, the sea, they need food, they need to survive...they cant go to the store LIKE MAN CAN!!!

WHY WAS THE MONK SEAL CREATED...TO BE TARGETS FOR MAN, TO BE BEATEN TO DEATH, SHOT AT, GET ENTANGLED IN NETS, DEBRI????? Why cant they exist on the shores in peace, get the rest they need??? Why do people walk up to it and disturb them, touch them???? They are living breathing mammals that so deserve a space to live...a place to eat, to be themselves. How sad for these beautiful creatures to always be ON THE RUN!!!

Day after day, we put out the signs, ropes, educate. Day after day, we have to ask folks politely, GO AROUND THE ZONES. Some folks are respectful and will go around. BUT the ones that go in, have such an attitude, are disrespectful, go to the seal, talk to it, make it move for a shot to be posted on face book, or what ever programs there are these days.

One can take a photo of a monk seal from behind ropes, we do it every day...

Why is it folks walk up to the zones, TALK TO THE SEAL, YELL AT THEM....WHY???? Shame on all humans who are disrespectful towards the seals on shore.

In our years of doing monk seal work, we get tired of all of this crap, so many times we talk of just...WALKING AWAY. Its on our minds...DAILY. Shame on me, for thinking of GIVING UP!!!!!

The seals need help. They need each volunteer, each NOAA Person, the Police, DNLR, to keep them SAFE and ALIVE. THEY DESERVE A LIFE ON EARTH, JUST LIKE ANYBODY ELSE.

I dont know what else to do, or know why folks hate them..I wish had a good answer.

All I can say, for us, our Hawaiian Monk Seals are PRECIOUS. REMARKABLE creatures, and should be protected by all, RESPECTED.

Let the seals that are left on earth...LIVE!!! Cant man and mammal co exist??

What is so bad of a monk seal on shore, SLEEPING. Look at one, quiet, snorting when the bugs go into their nostrils. Look at them, so peaceful...they mean no harm. They are just .... surviving people. Let them be...

I hope there are more souls on earth like us, who appreciates such a unique mammal...The Hawaiian MOnk Seal.

I ask, People of Hawaiian Islands, of the world, respect the Hawaiian Monk Seal...they are and always have been, a native specie...and they need your help to survive.

BE NICE FOLKS...BE RESPECTFUL...just look, be quiet, take your photos, walk away without, disturbing our critically endangered Seals.

Inverter said...

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