Friday, May 17, 2013

5-17-2013 DB's Dailies: Kainoa@RI, M&M,Buster,Kermit&RIP@WP, RB24&Irma@NIM, Ua Malie&La'akea@TB, Mom&Pup@RR

Kainoa (RN04) turned out to be the only SE quadrant critter today, finally hauling out to the far left end of Rabbit Island at 1142.

Dera called at 1212 to advise of a call about a swimming animal at China Walls. The morning checks by both myself and Gayle had been a bust, so I went back to check China Walls, as well as all the other SE quadrant spots at mid day, and found nothing but crrrankin' south swell waves, making all spots uninhabitable.

Team Billand's first call came at 0740 with the report of M&M (R020) at #1775, White Plains.
At 0833 they reported Haupu (RB24) fronting the #1813 pavilion at Nimitz Beach. She was run off at 1454 by a drunk.

At 1019 the Billands found Kermit (R012) at #1708, White Plains.

He would be joined at 1348 by RIP (RR70). Kermit and RIP had words later, and RIP left, but came back.

At 1149 Team Billand reported Irma (R010) fronting #1705, Nimitz Cottages.

At 1405 the Billands advised that Buster (RV08) had hauled out to join M&M at #1775, WP.

Lesley called at 1549 with the report of a 100% molted Ua Malie (RT10) at Turtle Bay.

At 1556 she called again, a bit further down the beach at the elbow, to report La'akea (RK82), where her "nest" used to be. Yes....used to be. She advised that the hotel seems to have found it necessary to cut down the tree or trees that La'akea and RL54 rest under. Bummer !!!

Team Billand advised of a call about an animal at Lagoon #1, KoOlina, at 1719. They would confirm the Benny (RE74) ID at 1086.

Live...Local... Connected.... We have a new pup on the Reef Runway. The mom is not confirmed as yet, but I've gotta' coupla' cats on Ewa Girl !! Dera will attempt to get out there in the morning. Airport security advised that the pup was born sometime between 1700 last night, and early this morning. Stay tuned !!!
Big Momma Irma
 Kermit and Buster
dude stop following me

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barbara said...

Today was so busy, with 7 animals. One volunteer finally came to help at 3:30pm...Jim Brown. OH HOW HAPPY WE WERE HE CAME...God bless you Jim.

Our first girl...M and M at 1775 Plains. Roped her off.

Next came Hauupu, at Nimitz...she really is a cutie of a female, small little seal, that gets around alot. But she was gone on our 3:36 check.

Next was our beloved Kermit who was coming in to shore at 1708. There were lots of folks out on shore today...and it never fails, Kermit loves going in front of this cabin, high up making it difficult to make a pathway for all to pass.

While checking on Hauupu at Nimitz, we noticed a fat seal hauling up at 1705 nimitz. We took off to find...MISS IRMA...FAT LADY. Also roped off. She would stay all day and beyond.

Our next seal came in fast...RIP who joined Mr Kermit at Plains. But for some reason, Kermit did not want him on shore in his ROOM, so they fought, Kermit being the winner. Rip left, went to Fencline, folks checking him out. Rip then returned to Kermits BEDROOM, galumphed up to him with some words, this time Kermit accepting him in. Both remained with Jim Brown...

Buster was now with M and M. She gave it to him, but he stuck it out and remained by her side, very close. Both animals are still there after our 5:45 recheck.

Next call came from Diane at KoOlina. She was with an animal, Unknown, without any signs. We had just talked about having signs out at KoOlina at each lagoon so it wouldnt be difficult to protect the animals when they hauled in. However, no one knew where the signs and ropes were. I told Diane, CALL LINDA. Linda ran over to Lagoon one. By then, the worker at Ihilani got Lounge chairs placed many around the seal. Awesome job. Seal protected with...CHAIRS. I like a smart fast thinker. Then linda put out her signs. Diane, Linda and the two of us, did Seal 101. And the Benny was a star in his Lounge Chair Perimeter.

Thanks to The Worker, Diane T, and Linda S for their awesome response.

Mean time, Robert went hunting for all the signs that were SUPPOSED TO BE AT LAGOON ONE. He found them all at Lagoon THREE. What????

Any ways, after finding the equipment, it was decided, the chairs would remain around Benny,sun would be setting soon.

Phew what a day...long, HOT, and 7 seals...One volunteer, Jim Brown to help with our 6 seals at the time. Thanks man.

And then our last animal per Diane and Linda...DA BENNY. Most folks were surprised...he hung out with so many people present. Well, there are thousands and thousands of HUMANS and only 1,000 monks on earth...hard to find parking lately for a monk seal to snooze.

OH MY GOSH...found out about Ewa girls possible pupping at Reef...YAHOO...How exciting...number nine pup. All pups are living except...Sam. God bless his soul. Wow, a 20 year old female Hawaiian Monk Seal..gave birth...amazing. Well, she is a tough female allllll the way from .... MIDWAY. I admire her strengths, her beauty and all her lovely pups. hope all goes well for her...just missed Mothers day EG.

Its now very late, its been a really long day...hope all the seals are ok and the HUMANS let them rest.

Seal ya,