Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5-7-2013 DB's Dailies: Kainoa&M38@RI, Aukai@LL, R018&Buster@WP, Rocky@DH, Benny@KoOlina

The first pass through the SE quadrant was a bust. Even though I got back to Makai Pier at 0830, it would be 1007 before I got a glimpse of Kainoa (RN04) galumping amongst the shallows rocks at the left end of Rabbit Island. He would finally haul out at 1030.

At 1036 I became aware of a swimming head, off shore of Kainoa. It would take hours to finally get an ID, but it would prove to be RM38. He was last seen at RI on 3-29-13. He would haul out to check out Kainoa at 1040. He would start moving back down at 1043, and Kainoa followed him into the water. I immediately lost them. M38 would haul out to Seal Rock Inlet at 1147, and Kainoa returned to the left end at 1158. M38 would enter the water again at 1258, and once again returned to Kainoa's location, and again quickly returned to the water. Kainoa followed him into the water again, and again I lost them. M38 would haul out again to Seal Rock Inlet at 1351, and at 1413 Kainoa once again hauled out to the left end. Both remained the rest of the day.
At 1232 Gayle called with the report of Aukai (RL12) at Lanai Lookout.

Team Billand checked in at 0911 with the report of R018 at #1708, White Plains. He would depart at 1030.

Dana called at 0947 to advise that RL54 had been found at "the elbow", Turtle Bay.

At 1056 the Billands found Buster (RV08) hauling out to #1707, White Plains. He would relocate to Al's Bench, Kalaeloa Campgrounds at 1115, and departed that location, not to be seen again at 1136.

At 1141 Dera reported "N11" at Diamond Head. Colleen would later confirm the Rocky 9RH58) ID.

At 1420 Team Billand reported Benny (RE74) at Lagoon #3, KoOlina.

May is a biggy month for Monk Seal Moms. There are 6 birthdays this month. Today its Duke's turn . The boy turns 4 years old today.
 Kainoa and RM38.. lol look at the difference in their sizes.... 
 Aukai at Lanai Lookout, probably looking for Kaiwi 
 Aukai with little scar on top of head
 Happy 4th Birthday Duke!!!!
 R018 at White Plains
 Buster at white plains giving this snorkler a site to see!!! 
 Buster - " ha should have seen the look on that guys' face!"
 Benny at KoOlina with a little visitor - hey bird you're no spring chicken!
 Benny doesn't mind sharing the lagoon with the swimmers

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