Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5-1-2013 Team Billand

B24 Hauupu with an adoring fan who is way too close
 Ewa Girl at Nanakuli
 Big momma
 MM at White Plains
 Benny at Secret's
 He's such a ham
 Volunteer Linda hard at work!!! Mahalo Linda


barbara said...

TWO THINGS...EWA GIRL WAS NOT IN NANAKULI, she was at Windsock. And she remained there after our 7:44pm check.

It was Hauupu at Nanakuli with ladies way too close to her for that YOUTUBE SHOT.

Thanks to Linda and Diane for being there at KoOlina Secrets late yesterday with BENNY.

Sorry to M and M, who we had to leave ALONE at time we got back to site at Plains, she was gone at 8pm. So hard when no one comes to help hard.

Anonymous said...

thanks for share...