Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5-28-2012 Ewa Girl and P

Aloha Good People!

Well needless to say I was thrilled to be out on the beach and to watch Ewa Girl and her pup!  She's an amazing female.... and deserves all our respect for turning out so many healthy pups for so many years.

The trip to the airport left a lot to be desired with torrential down pour on the H3... It was literally like driving through a storm cloud.. zero visibility. But in the end all worth it.

The pictures aren't that great.... I had to keep a distance as there aren't any more shrubs to hide behind....

When I arrived I am guessing a feeding session was just ending ... Ewa girl was on her side and the pup was hidden from view... as soon as mom rolled onto her belly the kid made its way around and they went into snooze mode. OF COURSE 5 minutes before it was time to depart.... they went in for a swim... probably about 20-30 feet from the shore... water was like glass. ( BIG difference from what Irma puts her kids through )...   Well enjoy and I look forward to watching this little munchkin grow.... 

thanks for lunch mom
 nap time
 can't get comfortable 
 settle down little one 
 life is good 
 wake up mom... swim time
 okay kiddo lets' go!

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