Saturday, May 25, 2013

5-25-2013 DB's Dailies: Kainoa,Kaiwi,Duke&M38@RI, RL42&Ka'ena@KP, Right Spot@3Tables, Buster@DH, KC@Kualoa BP, Benny@SB

On my 2nd look at Rabbit Island, at 0846, I found Duke (RA12), 60 ft out on the left end rock flats. He would remain there all day.

Also at 0846 I found Kainoa (RN04), 80 ft right of 3BS, on RI. He too would remain all day.

At 0946 M38 , in cruiser male mode, hauled out to investigate Duke on the flats, and after two minutes, reentered the water to move down to the right end to do the same thing with Kainoa. The boy was on patrol all day.
At 1025 I found Kaiwi (RK96) on the water front rocks of Right Middle Cliff. She would remain all day.

Marilyn & Lesley did the Ka'ena Point trek today, going in from the Waianae side. 1/3rd of the way in the found RL42. She was still there when they came out.

At the point they found only Ka'ena (RO40), near Ka'ena's Pool. He spent most the the day doing his best hippo imitation .

Posse member Christian called at 1305 with the report of "N21", Buster (RV08) near the Beach Rd end of Diamond Head. A person on the scene said he'd called 3 hrs ago but nobody ever came. Christian got the signs from the showers .

Colleen called at 1530 to advise that she'd gotten a call about an animal just hauling out to the showers. It would prove to be Buster relocating due to the rising tide.

Dana had called at 1403 with the report of a Kualoa animal. Diane Gabriel responded and confirmed "N14", KC (RK28) at Kualoa Beach Park.

Lifeguard posse member Billy called at 1622 reporting an animal just hauling out to the east end of Sandy Beach. When we arrived at 1630 we found Benny (1630), surrounded by his adoring hordes. We managed get him some room , and cordoned him off. I picked up the rope at 1930. Benny remains.

Team Billand had a rare sealess day, however they were still out there as usual. Yesterday they found a large cargo net at Campbell Industrial Park. Today they returned and with the help of visitor snorkelers, Jason & Sarah, they managed to get the thing outta' the water. Ya' Done Good!!!

 RL42 at Ka'ena Point 
 silly boy
 Buster at Diamond head
 driftwood, sealwood, driftwood
 Seal whisperer posting for Benny! HI DB!!!!!!
 geesh Benny be a little grateful for efforts to protect your chubby butt
 haaa he's not impressed
 KC at Kualoa ... looking full figured!
 nice shot diga!
 Great work... not an easy task.... thank you thank you thank you

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barbara said...

Finding the Cargo Net the other day and not being able to get it...just scares me to death.

But yesterday, we went back to get the dam thing, only to KNOW, we werent able to GET IT OUT.

We walked away...but we also saw the coast guard chopper coming. We ran back, wrote large letters in the sand, CARGO NET with an arrow. Hoping the Chopper might see our message. THe chopper did come back, hovered over us a bit, but left. Awe shucks. We thought we had it.

Ok, we put a large drift wood in sand with another large arrow, pointing to the cargo net...walked away again.

I saw a couple at the cove, diving. I felt the guy looked strong, young enough, to GET THE NET OUT FOR US. I built enough courage to go talk to the people, and to my JOY, Jason and Sarah was willing to help us old guys out.

We walked over to the site, told Jason and Sarah IF they could do something, do it..IF it was Dangerous, thats ok.

But Jason checked out the net, got his stuff and charged in the water. Tide was rising...Jason just began cutting away at the ropes stuck to the rocks. His wife Sarah was right there with him. Waves slammed both about, but they kept cutting and tugging at the net.

After much struggling with the tide, after all that cutting of the ropes, Jason got a part of the net free, which Sarah brought out to us old guys. Jason got the rest of the net free, we all tugged and pulled the dam thing out of the surf...ON LAND. YAHOO!!!! I jumped for JOY...

Net was very heavy, gauge of one rope like 6 to 8 inches round..very heavy stuff, but with determination, all of us dragged it up shore, over the embankment so it couldnt enter the water again. Dam...this is fricken AWESOME!!!!!!

We shook Jasons and Sarahs hands, thanking them from our hearts...over and over. Jason and Sarah our new heroes!!!!

Our heroes went back to collecting shells, we went on our way looking for seals. Job a success.

But now the dam Cargo Net is still out there...I wish Someone will go get it and destroy it, its about a mile out near the feedlot. Other wise, I guess we can cut and pull a little at a time...till its gone from site. It weighs a ton for us, but hey, since when did that stop us.

Again, we thank two total strangers met at a beach, who did a tremendous task...removing a Cargo Net from the ocean. YIPPPEEEE!!!! I hope you all know, I am doing my Cart wheels right now...see????? He . He. Joy Joy!!!!!