Saturday, May 25, 2013

Update on Pohaku and her Pup

Aloha good people.... for many of you who have been curious about RO28 "Pohaku" and her new pup... how they were doing... the following is an update from the fine folks on Kauai who have been taking good care of her. This is a great picture of mom and pup.... and from what they are saying the pup is a little boy!

Behavioral observations of the mom and pup this week have shown that first time mother RO28 is a very protective and hyper-vigilant mom.  On Wednesday while adjusting the enclosure fencing, RO28 surprised staff by charging two full body lengths toward them.  They slowly backed away and she returned to her pup.  On Thursday, volunteers were able to alert snorkelers when RO28 charged toward them swimming at full speed for approximately 75 feet.  RO28 stopped when the people stood up on the reef (monk seals have poor distance eyesight), most likely realizing they were not a threat.  While these are excellent traits for a mother with a new pup, it creates possible dangers to the public.  In 2009 a snorkeler was badly injured by a protective mother at Maha'ulepu, so we are aware of the inherent dangers of swimming near mom/pup pairs.

            Kauai MMRN have posted additional signs in the area, are taking additional precautions to keep their distance from the pair, and are taking extra measures to make sure all ocean users understand the danger of getting too close to a mom and pup on land or in the water. 

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barbara said...

I am so proud of Pohaku R028, she deserves her MOTHERLY POWERS as she was a poor seal who was bothered by humans for over a year on Oahu.

GOOD FOR YOU POHAKU!!!!! You go girl.

Thanks for keeping us posted on this awesome female hawaiian monk seal. On Oahu our volunteers did their best in protecting her when she hauled out at KoOlina. She was a STAR at this area, photographed by all who met her.

You know what, if one goes close to a mom with a baby by nature, THAT MOM WILL DEFEND HER BABY, weather birds, cats or MONK SEALS.

We are all blessed to have met this wonderful Monk seal...she is in our hearts our souls for life.

Please continue to let us all know, how she and her son are doing. Any names chosen for her son yet????

I remember how her mom was brutally murdered in 2009 at Pilaa Beach...that was AWFUL..senceless and TRAGIC. After hearing of that slaughter, I Promised Pohaku, we would take care of her, no matter what beach she chose to haul out at. I tell all what that man did to her mom and unborn .... brother. NONE can BELIEVE the senceless killing. is with great happiness and joy, Pohaku is tuff...I love her and dearly miss her. I hope we will meet again some day...and if was heaven to be with her all those times...I will treasure all her photos. She taught us alot on how to deal with ropes, signs, people. Even DOGS. Live long Pohaku and you. MISS YOU.