Saturday, May 18, 2013

5-18-2013 Team Billand: Late entry

peek a boo we see you... Kolohe @ Maili
 Kermit aka fat boy
 mm and buster
 oops something went wrong
 now that's a love bite!
 Hau'upu at Nimitz

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barbara said...

Thanks Laurie Finley and Andrea Evans for taking the time out of your busy schedule, for Kermit at White Plains. It was quite busy at the beach and Kermit decided to hang out with all those HUMANS. WHY?

He could have made it to the opened area closer to 1707...NOPE, he had to plop his fat bod right where the action was and the showers are. Tsk. Tsk. So, your guys help was appreciated.

We done all we could for Kermit, Buster and M...and later in the day we came across Miss Hauupu B24 at Nimitz 1811. She was said to arrive at 3pm per the gentlemen we talked to. We found her at 3:40pm. We decided to stay with her as there were lots of parties going on at the pavilions. Lots of small kids, eager to enter the zone to make her move or LEAVE.

Earlier we came across Kolohe W22 out at Maili....that was a surprise as he was just at Spitting Caves. He was snuggled against the rocks, high up due to the big surf. He is a handsome kid and it was a pleasure to find him, alone and peaceful, away from the maddening crowds.

Miss M and M was busy and bothered by Buster in the am...for some reason they left 1775 while we were on a search for other seals.

But, both M and Buster showed up at Plains for one hour 1708, fighting in the shoreline the whole time. Buster is mean...biting M, diving on her, she fought so hard. People were kept back and informed what was going on with the two seals.

A small boy with Mommie asked, WHAT ARE THEY DOING MOMMIE???? I told the kid, the boy seal wants a kiss, the girl seal said NO. THe kid said, "MOMMIE I think they shouldnt fight, just KISS!!".

After one hour of bugging M, for some reason, Buster, turned, looked above the water chest high, then immediately took off till 6:30pm..then he returned to bother M again at 1775. Oh and bother Kermit at Plains with Laurie and Andrea.... the male is very busy traveling fast and furious.

Buster has been at our location for 13 days..wonder when he will return to R.I. or Lanai Lookout.

Doesnt he MISS KAIWI and the others on the east end of Oahu??? He is quite persistent, intense at times, handsome and FAST. I swear, he is a Benny KID.

Hope we can get help today as well, sundays are even...Crazier.