Friday, May 24, 2013

5-24-2013 DB's Dailies: Kainoa,M38,Nani&U/F@RI, Duke@SC, Benny@SB, Irma&Buster@DH, 2AW@Nanakuli, M&M@WP, Kermit@WSK, R5AY@Laie, Kaikaina@TB, R018,Ka'ena&Kerby @

At 0536 I found Benny (RE74) waiting for me right where I'd left him last night, at Sandy Beach. I redid the rope and continued the adventure. Benny would begin moving down at 0710, entering the water at 0725. After lolling around he began heading for the Half Point channel, stopping and briefly hauling out, once, along the way. We lost him outside the channel at 0744.

Gayle called at 0830 with the report of an animal at Spitting Cave. We would confirm the Duke (RA12) ID, but his N18 bleach at 0847.

I got back to Rabbit Island observations at 1007, but it would be 1102 before I saw my first critter. Kainoa (RN04) hauled out of Seal Rock Inlet, on RI, where he remained all day.

At 1108 I found what would prove to be Nani (RK60) fronting 1BS, on RI. She too would remain the rest of the day.

At 1146 M38 would haul out to bother Nani for a while, and though he got her into the water she quickly gave him the slip and returned to the beach. He was in full "cruiser mode" all day.

At 1241 an U/F moved up into view from behind the water front rocks of Rocky Right Beach on RI. I was never able to confirm an ID. It might have been Kaiwi,I have no proof at all. I'll have to go with an U/F call.

Dera called at 0703 with the report of an animal at Wedding Beach Park on the Waikiki side of Diamond Head. She and Colleen both got confirmation photos of Irma (R010). Irma would depart at 1215.

A sad side note to Colleen's Irma response was her car being broken into, breaking the glass and stealing her purse (and of course everything in it) . What a sad commentary on the decline and fall of our society. I hope karma slaps them in the face!

At 0852 Dera called to advise that Michelle Jordan had confirmed "5AZ", (R5AY) at Bath Tub Beach, Laie.

At 0915 Team Billand reported 2AW in Nanakuli. Speaking of sad commentaries , they had to endure yet another of the "all these seals should be killed... they steal my fish" rants. Sad, Sad, Sad !!! are you kidding me??? anyone take a good look at the seal and you want to feed him a few fish.... skinny boy!

At 1007 Team Billand found M&M (R020) fronting #1775, White Plains. She would depart at 1422.

At 1228 Joe, the guy who found Buster (RV08) at Diamond Head yesterday, called again to advise that Buster was back. Dera confirmed the Buster ID at 1455.

At 1330 the Billands found Kermit (R012) at Wind Sock.
Lesley sent a photo , taken by a friend, showing Kaikaina (RL54) at Elbow Beach, Turtle Bay today.

Ken Tingman did the Ka'ena Pt trek today, and reported R018, Ka'ena (RO40) & Kerby (RW08) at the end of the world.

Last but not least, Happy 2nd Birthday to Nani !!!

 Happy Birthday Nani - 2 years old ! 
  Irma at wedding beach
 Irma... big momma
 duke at spitting cave
 RL54 Kaikaina and someone with a red top :-)
 R5AY at Laie

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