Thursday, April 9, 2009

DB Post Thursday 4/9/2009

My first look at Rabbit Island was a bust. When I got to Spitting Cave at 0738 I found RIP doing 8 minute dives.

At 0900 Tracy called with the report of an animal in Waikiki. She called again at 0918 to confirm that it was Irma. I arrived shortly thereafter to find that C&C personnel had already put up the signs and caution tape.

Irma had recently been in the SE quadrant, having last been seen on this side on 4-4-09 at Diamond Head. After a travel day, I found her in Ewa Beach on 4-6-09. She was MIA on 4-7/8-09, and today at approximately 0830 she hauled out in Waikiki, near the "Sunset on the Beach" scaffolding at Queen's Beach.

I remained until Dana Jones & Mom arrived , and then continued on .

Jenn M. called at 1710 to say that she had just been advised that Irma had just entered the water. Tracy picked up the stuff on her way home.

When I got back to Makai Pier at 1110 I found R301 on Rabbit Island, at the left end of the beach. He entered the water at 1132 and hauled out again in the company of Sadie , again at the left end. He was initially a pest , doing a lot of nuisance nuzzling, but ultimately quieted down.

Things got interesting at 1329 when RIP hauled out to join them . RIP and R301 did a 12 round knock down, drag out series of interactions for the next several minutes. Little Sadie was just trying to stay out from under. Nobody was backing down, but ultimately RIP gained the controlling position, and R301 backed off, though he remained close by . As of 1500, when rain drove me off the pier, all was quiet , but I suspect there will be more to the story.

The Billand reported Kermit foraging on the right side of the Nimitz Beach jetty.

Tracy reported that R5AY was in Hauula today.
Sadie, RIP, R301
Sadie, RIP, R301

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