Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2/1/2017 DB's Dailies: Kainoa,Kawena,Buster&S/M@Rabbit Island, Pohaku@Makaha,RIP@30Min, RN14@45Min, Benny@Secrets, Kekoa,RW02,Kolohe&Ka'ale@Maili Pt, Ka'ena&Squinty@Ka'ena

At 0800 I found the unknown S/M that has been at RI the last couple of days, 50 ft right of 1BS.

 At 0945 he would be joined by Kainoa (RN04).

 On a pan at 1106 I found little Kawena (RH36) hauling out 60 ft left of 1BS.

 At 1114 Buster (RV08) hauled out and galumphed over toward Kainoa & S/M, but stopped several feet away.

 At 1014 Team Billand reported Pohaku (RO28) at Makaha Beach.

 At 1120 Barbara found RIP (RR70) at the 30 min mark on the west side KP trail.

 At 1130 she found a small animal at the 45 min mark. It would prove to be a 3 yr old male, RN14, from Molokai. This is the first known sighting on Oahu.

 At 1642 Team Billand reported Kekoa(RK7), RW02 & Kolohe (RW22). At 1645 they added Ka’ale (RH32) to the cast. He had not been seen since 1-12-17.

 At Ka’ena Pt, Barbara reported Ka’ena (RO40) & Squinty (R330) at the main pool, Ka’ena Pt.

 Kainoa, SM and Buster
 SM and Kainoa 
Ka'ena and Squinty
 Kekoa, Kolohe and RW02

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b said...

For Debbie, we love you, you've been a TROOPER in Protecting Hawaiian Monk Seals!! The job is not over yet...GOD BLESS THE YEARS YOU'VE SPENT ON THOSE BEACHES with our beloved critters. STAND STRONG KID. YOU ARE APPRECIATED TO DA MAX.