Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11/26/2014 DB's Dailies: RK36,Duke,RM38,Kolohe,Aukai&UU@RI, Kea@ SB, Makaiwi,Haupu&Buster@WP, Pohaku@Maili Point, Rocky@Kaimana, UU@Makaha

Since Kea departed last night, it was not surprising that Sandy Beach was Monk Seal free this morning on my 0620 check. More later.

 On my first look at Rabbit Island at 0717 I found 5 critters. They would prove to be a 15% molted , RK36, 110 ft left of 1BS, Duke (RA12)& the U/U that has been driving me crazy for some days now, 60 ft left of 1BS,( At 1233 it would finally become RM38),and Aukai (RL12)&Kolohe(RW22), 20 ft right of 1BS.

 When I got back to Makai Pier at 0927 I found a new member of the cast at Rocky Right Beach. Sadly, I was never able to ID the animal, due to it’s hiding behind the water front rocks for the majority of the day. It appeared to be a juvenile sized animal with a new coat, and 2 red tags, but that was the best I could do. Maybe tomorrow ????

 At 1102 on a routine check of SB, I found Kea (RN46) on the outfall at Sandy Beach, and cordoned him off. Gayle advised that Kea departed at 1800.

 At 0649 Team Billand reported Makaiwi (R4DF) between the fence line & T#1. Thank you Rich for cordoning her off.

 At 0847 the Billands reported Haupu (RB24) fronting the Surf Shack, White Plains.

 At 1322 they checked in again to advise of Pohaku (RO28) at Maili Point.

 Ocean Safety called at 1627 with the report of an animal at Kaimana Beach. At 1711 Ruth reported that she thought it was Rocky. Awaiting photos.  

The Billands called at 1800 to report the arrival of Buster (RV08) to join Haupu at White Plains. Both would depart at 1830.  

Also at 1830 the Billands advised that Debbie had called with the report of an animal at Makaha Surfside Condo. No further info.

 The Billands just called to say that they are stuck in traffic, which is going nowhere, so check the blog in the morning for their day.
 RK36, RM38 and Duke
Kea at Sandy's 

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