Thursday, November 27, 2014

11/26/2014 Team Billand

Maka'iwi at white plains
 such a beautiful seal
 Haupu at white plains
Haupu having a belly laugh
  buster and haupu 

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Da Barbara said...

Its THANKSGIVING...a day to be thankful for many many things, for our families, our critters, our LIVES on earth.

Its been a very hard year in Monk Seal world, losing some really great seals, R018, Lona, T21M. Missing :
Irma, Kermit, Ewa Girl, 2AW, our beloved...M and M.

In our past years, we always had a seal on Thanksgiving...Kermit, our TURKEY. He was our Easter Seal, as well as our Christmas Seal. He was in our lives daily for weeks..WE MISS, FAT BOY. I still hope..with my soul, he is on Niihau with ... his girl..Irma.

To Haupu..that poor sweet little girl..lost her pup on July 18 of THIS YEAR. She was the void for me when Makaiwi left Oahu..well lately we got two of our girls on shore together, in separate rooms. How THANKFUL are we for that...awesome females...both so beautiful.

To MISS EWA GIRL..who gave us so many great pups to enjoy and observe, PROTECT. She was the most biggest seal for me..the most ROYAL.

TO Miss IRMA..Kermits girl, So loving, smart, big, and she too gave us incredible pups..Miss her at Plains and windsock...I still ... FEEL HER.

To all the GREAT VOLUNTEERS who left us...Karen Harris, Mary J, Mary Francis, Allen R.wish you were all still here. Thankful to have met you all.

Its thanksgiving a day to appreciate what we have, who we met over the years, to be grateful for ...each other .

Thanks to all the volunteers who still HELP us your precious our seals.

To our Military who give us..Freedom, and to those who are no longer here..who fought so hard, god bless you .

I am grateful for all our years with the seals..THEY ARE TEACHING US alot, daily. I so appreciate each and every seal we come across.

To the DUNLAPS..for their years of dedication to the seals..the LONG HOT HOURS on shore or at Makai pier. For getting those bad guys on RI...THANK YOU!!

TO all our volunteers on outer Islands..We are grateful to you too.

Gosh..when you think about APPRECIATION..there is so much to be..THANKFUL FOR...isnt there?

To OUR OLIVIA...our heaven..we take her all over the place to many beaches, she is our trooper..she loves our seals..she is helpful and willing to do anything...god bless you sweetie.

To our lifeguards..thanks.

To the possie guys..YOU ARE AWESOME.

Ok..I am my Robert..for always being right there..with me..PROTECTING OUR SEALs!!

Lastly, to NOAA, THE VETS who make our seals better..god bless you.