Wednesday, November 19, 2014

11/18/2014 DB's Dailies: RK36,Kolohe,Buster&Kainoa@RI, Kea@SB, Right Spot@KBP, Benny@Makaha, Haupu@Maili BP, Pohaku@Maili Pt,

I arrived at Sandy Beach at 0603 to find that both Kea & Right Spot were gone. I picked up the equipment and continued on.

 At 0704 , from Makai Pier, I found RK36, 100 ft left of 1BS.

 Posse member Barbara V., called at 0749 to advise that Kea had arrived at the Sandy Beach outfall at 0745. When I arrived at 0755 I confirmed the Kea (RN46) ID and cordoned him off. Kea remains at dark. Thank you Gayle.

 Back for RI observations at 0922 I found that Kolohe (RW22) had joined the cast, at the far left end of the beach.

 At 1005 Buster (RV08) arrived at the left end and after checking Kolohe, galumphed to RK36. They had brief words and then both settled down.

 Diane Gabriel called at 1026 with a Hotline report of an animal at Kaupo Beach Park. When I arrived at 1032 I found Right Spot (R016) snoozin’ near the pier end pump station at KBP. I cordoned her off. She was gone at 1800.

 When I got back to the pier at 1152 I found that Kainoa (RN04) joined the left end cast.

Team Billand called with the report of Benny (RE74) at Makaha at 0939. Debbie was on it all day, and reported Benny’s departure at 1800.

 At 0958 Ocean Safety called with the report of an animal at Maili Beach Park. The Billands confirmed the Haupu (RB24) ID at 1047.

 At 1034 they found Pohaku (RO28) at Maili Pt.

 I got a pleasant surprise this afternoon. Tracy forwarded a couple of shots of Kerby (RW08) from Mary Miyashiro on Kauai. The boy was reported on Kauai on 7-19-14, and then nothing until the Kerby photos from yesterday.

 Also in Yesterday’s News, Kimo Smith to the End of the World trek and found Luana (RN58) at Hidden Beach, and Ka’ena (RO40), RIP(RR70) & RW02 at Ka’ena Point.

Buster and RK36
 Right Spot  
 wonder where she'll end up from here?
 Kea at Sandy's 
 Kerby on Kau'ai
 what ya up to mr. kerby?
Benny at Mahaha
 Haupu at Maili
 Pohaku at Maili

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