Friday, November 14, 2014

11/13/2014 Kea's photo shoot with Jason O'Rourke

Aloha good people!
Our good friend and professional photographer Jason O'Rourke needed to test out his 600ml lens and lo and behold lucky Kea became his star of the day!  I am excited to share these great shots.... oh including the one with the dude who was inside the SPZ with his puppy. Supposedly this dude claims to have been around Kea since he was born.... and felt he was entitled to enter the roped off area hmmmmmm ....... not going to say anything but I find people like this extremely scary, They have no respect for the monk seals or to the people/volunteers out there trying to make a difference.

 Kea reacting to a tour bus going by announcing a monk seal on the beach
 Dude and his puppy....  shouldn't be inside the ropes
 scratch and a great shot of his signature bleach mark
 something smells good!

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madhatter said...

I love the shots of Kea..