Tuesday, November 4, 2014

11/4/2014 Lesley's Update on Luana's Molt

Brenda (NOAA) & I went out to look for RN58 “Luana” to monitor her molting processes. Just curious is there a concern about Luana or is there something abnormal about her molt?  

We checked her favorite haul out spots, then asked some hikers coming back from the point if they had seen seals. The gentleman showed us his photos of a possible R912 "Nihoa" at the Point and of a little seal @ Hidden Beach it was RN58 "Luana".
We found her on the beach among 3 different groups of people coexisting peacefully. We did outreach with all of them. All mentioned that she was already there when they arrived RN58 "Luana" was very aware of everybody and looked up several times to follow people moving around.

Bigger waves washed her, instead of heading into the water she turned around and galumphed up the beach to a dryer spot.

We saw several fresh trails on the Mokuleia (North side) side of the beach, all the way up to the Naupakas. She may have over knighted there.
Her molt is at aprox.15%.  Aloha, Lesley 

 looking very cute.... but perhaps a little uncomfortable...


Lesley said...

Good morning!
We are just monitoring her first molt and haul out locations.
She's doing well and is itching herself wherever she can

Donna said...

Thank you Lesley.... that's what I thought, just didn't want to make any assumptions. And of course wanted to make sure there wasn't anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

This is what goes on:

Anonymous said...

she was 2metres from a road used by 4x4s, not to mention people and dogs, for 3 days.
Volunteer's assessment: no signs needed.

Lesley said...

Video mentioned by Anonymous and location where RN58 "Luana" was on Tuesday aren't the same.