Saturday, November 15, 2014

11/15/2014 DB's Dailies: Kea @ SB, Kolohe,Duke&RK36@RI, Rocky@Kokee Flats

Kea was gone when I arrived at Sandy Beach at 0625. I continued my route, and was back to Sandy Beach by 0740. Posse member Barbara V and I took up positions on one of the benches, and began the Kea watch. Barbara had to leave at 0812, but I hung in there, hoping that today would be the day that Kea would begin his “normal” routine. It was lookin’ good until his little face showed up just off shore of the outfall at 0904. Nope....... it ain’t over yet. I redid the SPZ. He was still there at dark. Much Mahalos to Gayle for today, and every other day that she is out there on the late shift on Kea duty.

When I got to Makai Pier for Rabbit Island observations at 1005 I found what would prove to be Kolohe (RW22) out on the end of the left end rock flats, and Duke (RA12) & RK36 together, 60 ft left of 1BS. There is zero doubt in my mind about RK36 being the U/M I’ve had off and on at RI for the past week. With perfect viewing conditions today I could easily see his single , right red tag (R4DJ), his right side scar behind the RFF, and most importantly his relatively new CC wound just behind his shoulder hump. 2 days ago I thought I saw pink at that would but I couldn’t be sure of what I was looking at in the horrible visibility. Today the CC wound was clearly visible, but it at 8/10th of a mile it appear as just a dark hole on his back.

Marilyn & Lesley did the usual End of the World trek today. Marilyn reported finding a 15% molted RIP (RR70) at the Main Pool, and younger brother Ka’ena (RO40) on the back beach. Ka’ena would enter the water and swim over to check out RIP, but then departed. Ka’ena does not appear to have begin his molt yet.

At 1552 posse member Lind N., called with the report of Rocky at Kokee Flats. When we arrived at 1608 we confirmed the Rocky (RH58) ID. Thank you Linda. Ya’ Done Good. Today marked the first day that I personally have seen Rocky since her return from child rearing on Kauai. She is lookin’ fat and happy.........aqain !

Email from Team Billand advised that they were skunked today, but spent the day playing Gramma & Grampa.
 Ka'ena at ka'ena point
 Something caught his attention
 Rip and Ka'ena
 rock... seal.... seal ... rock... 
Kea at Sandy's
 all snuggled in... the rocks!  oy never understand how that can be comfortable!
 Kea get the cutey of the day
 Rocky at Kokee Flats
 miss Rocky looking fat and happy
 Kau'ai baby boy RF28 - Pohaku's boy
 this little dude thinks he lives in the woods...


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