Wednesday, November 19, 2014

11/19/2014 Remembering Irma part II

Aloha Good People!!!
Well I am happy to say I got some wonderful responses and photos of Irma.... Thank you Melanie, Vera and Jason.... to be honest reviewing the pictures was bitter sweet, brought some tears. Then again this is why we do what we do.... we are passionate and yes we do become attached to the cast of characters in this seal family.  Please enjoy the following pictures and again thank you for sharing these special moments!

 Vera sent her favorite picture of Irma and of course she included a picture of Kermit .... I love this, because to me their like peanut butter and jelly.... some how some way they would always end up together.

Melainie sent a series of pictures of Irma and Kea together shortly before Kea was weaned. The solo picture of Irma was from October 24, 2013 the last time she saw Irma.
soooooooo sweet. 

Lastly... Jason O'Rourke sent this series of shots.... they pretty much speak for themselves.
 such an incredible female seal, but there certainly seemed to be a silly side....
 Big Momma Irma and baby Kea (2013)
 How quickly they grow

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these beautiful photos. They really show how special Irma is.