Friday, November 21, 2014

11/20/2014 DB's Dailies: Kea@SB, RK36,Duke,UF&UU@RI, Makaiwi&Haupu@WP, Benny@Yokes, RL42&UU@Makua Cliffs

Kea was gone on my 0610 Sandy Beach check. I picked up the stuff and continued on. Barbara V., hung out until 8 something, and I perched my butt on a park bench until 1030. I then did a check of Kea’s other possible hangouts, and when I got back to the outfall at 1051, there was Kea, snoozin’ on the outfall. A fisherman said he had arrived just a couple of minutes before. I redid the SPZ. Thanks to Melanie & Gayle for all the usual checks today.

 On my 1st Rabbit Island check at 0736 I found RK36 80 ft left of 1BS. When I got back for my 2nd look at 1133 I found that Duke (RA12) & a juvenile female I was not able to ID had joined RK36. Out on the far left end rocks I also found an U/U, adult sized animal with a new coat, that never allowed me to get an ID, though I suspect it was Kolohe, but ?????

 The highlight of the day came at 0655 with a call from Team Billand. They reported Makaiwi (R4DF) between the fence line & Tower#1 at White Plains. Thanks to surfer posse members John, Mark & Rich for putting up signs. Makaiwi has returned from her Kona stay. Welcome back !!

 At 0850 the Billands reported the arrival of Haupu (RB24) to Tower#1 White Plains.

 At 1509 they found Benny (RE74) at Yokes. At 1546 the Billands reported RL42 and an U/U they were not able to ID, at Makua Cliffs.

 Dana called at 1929 to advise that she had received word from a KP visitor today that reported seeing a molting seal with possible rope at the hind quarters. Nothing more at this time. Hopefully, more will be known in the morning.

RK36, Duke and UF
 Kea at Sandys 
Benny at Yokes 
 Haupu at White Plains
 She's back !!! Maka'iwi is back to hang out with the Oahu Seal Ohana
 Looking BEAUTIFUL Ms Makaiwi - she's a big girl now

 UU at Makaha

uu and RL42

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barbara said...

Morn, Just to fix it up, THE U/U in Makaha is actually: L42 at Makua Cliffs. It was the seal on the left I had a hard time to id. Ok...tanks.

And THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED WITH MAKAIWI and HAUPU...we got to do our route...YEAH!!!!!!