Monday, May 29, 2017

5/29/2017 DB's Dailies:

It was difficult view conditions on this Rabbit Island Memorial Day. Sadie&PO1(D#25) did two water sessions trough the day with the usual chow times and snoozin’, all at the west end of the island.

80 ft right of 3BS I found what would take basically all day to find out that I had an A/M that would turn out to be Kekoa(RK72), in the company what appeared to be an U/F with no ID possible. The spent most of the day in the tide pools amongst the water front rocks.

My most difficult problem child was a nearly difficult small animal in Seal Rock Inlet, mostly impossible to see. It is possible that it was small enough to be Kawena or RG32, and the algae would suggest to me that Kawena was be my guess, but no call could be made. I texted Tracy, but no suggestion was ever possible.

At 0803 Team Billand would report RIP (RR70) at Maili.

Ka’ale would join RIP at 0828.

At 1029 the Billands found RL42 at Makua Cliffs.

Ka’ena (RO40) arrived at the 20MIN mark on the west side KP trail at 1120.

I had heard no Moku Nui info today, however I did come across an Instagram Nani&PO2 shot online.
I heard lots of stories at the store.... there were lots of Kayakers today.  All locals and visitors seem to be very considerate of Mom and pup and were understanding. One couple mentioned as they were approaching the island they were being waved off ... they couldn't understand what the big deal was thinking they were looking at a couple of rocks. When they realized what was happening they were able to steer clear and safely land on the island.

 Kekoa and UF
 Sadie and PO1
Nani and PO2
 RIP and Ka'ale
 RIP! be gentle!

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