Sunday, May 14, 2017

5/14/2017 DB's Dailies:

It was horrible observation conditions for Rabbit Island looks, but the job got done.  When I arrived at 0730 Sadie & PO1 were not visible on the beach.  My only find at that time was what would prove to be RG32, up in the Morning Glory, 80 ft right of 3BS.

At 0820 I lucked out and found just glimpse of a dome over amongst rocks in the shallows at the left end of the island. Finally, at 0835 the dome hauled out to the left end, and the Sadie&PO1 ID was confirmed.

On a pan at 0855 I found a newly arrived Kawena (RH36), up near the vegetation line, behind Seal Rock Inlet.

After one of the numerous squalls I found that Kawena must have entered the water, because now she was at the end of her obvious trail, leading to RG32's side.

Marilyn had AD to Kokee Flats this morning and alas, found nobody.

Hanauma Bay posse member Ethel called at 1203 to advise that she was looking at 3 seals in near shore waters directly below her location at the upper overview spot. She could only say that one was larger than the other two. The people below were getting out of the water in the immediate area, and the 3 animals were playing.  Ethel thought they might be readying to leave.  We arrived at 1211, and all 3 were gone. Two had departed together while the last one departed a little apart from the two. According to Ethel they appeared to be headed out and toward the “Witches Brew” side of the Bay.  We remained for a half an hour or so, but never saw anything.

Team Billand checked in for the first time today at 1336 with the find of RN14 at Maili.

Marilyn happened on to Buster (RV08) at the east end of Sandy Beach at 1717. “Permanent Resident”, Chris says Buster had been there near his house, since 0800. That is all the info .  ID was by partial tag, dorsal/ventral scars, left eye scar and left ankle scars.

Last but not least a Happy9th Birthday to Kolohe (RW22) !!!   

 Happy Birthday Kolohe (and to Hoku born a couple weeks earlier and would be 9 if
he lived)
Kawena & RG32
 Sadie and PO1

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