Saturday, May 13, 2017

5/13/2017 DB's Dailies:

At 0730 I found Sadie (RB12)& PO1 just moving up into view from the rocks at the left end of Rabbit Island. They would remain near the water line all day. Lots of feedin’ & snoozin’.

On a pan at 0905 I became aware of a green, partially visible small animal in the Morning Glory, 80 ft right of 3BS. When it moved down at 0941 it proved to be Kawena (RH36).

What would prove to be Kea (RN46), hauled out near 1BS, at 0943. He would move down at 1000 to meet a new arriving small animal fronting 1BS. They both entered the water, and haul out together at Left Middle Cliff. It would prove to be RG32.

Marilyn & Lesley did the Ka’ena Point trek, via the northern route. They found Ka’ena (RO40) at the Runway, R3CU on the Back Beach , and Squinty doing his best Hippo act in the outside portion of the Main Pool.

Team Billand checked in at 0840 with the report of Ka’ale (RH32) & RW02 at Maili.

At 1236 the Billands fouond Kerby (RW08) foraging at the 30Min mark on the west side KP trail.

 Kea and RG32
 Sadie & PO1
 spew ???
RW02 & Ka'ale
 Ka'ale with raccoon eyes
 when will the Kerby movie be available

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