Thursday, May 4, 2017

In Addition: Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

We did the hike out to KPt from the Mokuleia side today.

Our first find was R330 “Squinty”, I hadn’t seen the kid for a while and was happy to see him. While observing him, I took the good opportunity to update his bios with his  old & new scarring’s.

Next we saw R3CU on some flat reefs near the Runway.

We met Tammy out at the point, as we were catching up, she spotted a head at the entrance of the Main Pool it was RO40 “Ka’ena”. He entered the pool swam around, vocalized some then settled on the center reef.

The Albatross chicks are losing their duvet and their big feathers are growing. Some already have white patches showing.

Tammy left ahead of us and let us know there was a seal at Birth Beach. It was R8HY “Hotel Yankee”. As we arrived there was a second seal just hauling out. Surprise !! It was RG40 “Holokai”.

We all left and they were snoozing away.

Nt. (8:00pm) Kimo and I just came back up from our night walk down the beach, the seals were no longer there.

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