Wednesday, May 24, 2017

5/24/2017 In Addition: Lesley Treks Ka'ena Point

We did the hike to Ka’ena Pt from the Mokuleia side.

At the point, we found R3CU hauled out on the reefs in the middle of the Main Pool.

Shortly after we saw a head going up and down at the entrance of the pool. It was R330 “Squinty”. He entered the pool and swam towards R3CU. There was very little interaction, some vocalization, some sneezing than he settled beside R3CU and went to sleep.

R3CU has a cut on his top left lip, it looks a little swollen but NO HOOK or LINES were visible.

We left earlier than usual due to some heavy rain squalls coming our way

The albatross chicks are growing fast, they already have white chest and butts.

 Squinty and R3CU

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