Tuesday, May 2, 2017

5/2/2017 DB's Dailies:

It was an interesting cast of Rabbit Island characters today, with lots of interaction.  The day would begin at 0830 with my finding Sadie (RB12), fronting IBS on RI.

At 1012 a little guy that would prove to be RG32 (he didn’t go with Benny), hauled out to 1BS, and galumphed over to join Sadie.

Yet another animal would haul out to join Sadie & RG32, at 1041.  To my surprise it would prove to be Kea (RN46). ID was by his L&R FF NB. His last RI visit had been on 4-22-17.

At 1116 Kekoa (RK72) hauled out to join the others. All of the males would interact almost nonstop , moving in and out, with lots of play.  Sadie managed to keep them all at bay.

At 0827 Team Billand reported a foraging animal doing 7 min dives off shore of Campbell Industrial Park. No ID was possible.

At 0926 the Billands reported Kerby (RW08), Ka’ale (RH32)& RW02 at Maili.  Kerby would depart at 1251.

A Tracy text brought word that a public email had reported RL42 at Ka’ena Pt, on 4-28-17. Her last sighting had been on 1-9-17. It was great news to get word of her at KP.

Kea & Sadie
 Kea, Sadie, Kekoa and RG32
 Sadie and RG32
 Sadie, RG32 and Kea
 Sadie, RG32, Kea & Kekoa
 RW02 & Ka'ale
 Kerby, RW02 & Ka'ale

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