Wednesday, May 10, 2017

5/10/2017 DB's Dailies: (HE'S BACK !!!! )

1640 - 1700

1. S/M Buster (RV08), SB Benny & RL42 @ Paradise Cove Update.

Okay, there has been some lapse of a coupla' days since we last spoke. My time has been spent from Monday morning, until just a bit ago on this Wednesday afternoon, at Kaiser Hospital. Two phases are appropriate to this tale and they are "TIA" a small stroke, and "Atrial Fibrillation". A small, transient episode on the 28th, and the underlying A Fib thing underlying that, and finally worthy of an ambulance Kaiser Hospital ride on Monday morning. I am back home this afternoon, with a paper bag full of drugs, and hopefully we are back to the Monk Seal Biz.

All I can supply as a tale for today is access t the Billand report of their concern with Benny (RE74) & RN14 again at Paradise Cove.

On the way home from the hospital and notice of an animal at Sandy Beach, proved to be a probable Buster (RV08), by Marilyn.

DB - I can't express how happy I am to hear you are home.... Please please listen to your doctors and take care of yourself.... You are loved and my evenings are just not the same without ending the day with a DB daily.  Much love and healing xoxo da blog lady.

Benny & RN14 having words
 Little Girl getting a little too close for the photo....


Anonymous said...

Best wishes for DB's health and healing! My mornings also are not complete without a vicarious glimpse at Rabbit Island. We just left Oahu yesterday after a two week stay. It was a thrill to hear that Sadie pupped while we were there.

Unknown said...

I too like to end my day with dB's sightings of our island monks. Thanks to the billands we get to see them even though we can't find them stay well doctors orders. From the Ma'ili pt marker's