Thursday, April 24, 2014

Special Additions

Here's a special treat....  Meli and Kaikaina playing, footage was taken sometime last week when Michelle J. Thank you for sharing.... love love love watching these two young'ens playing.

 ALSO!!! Melanie C sent in a poem with pics... I wasn't able to load the document onto the blog but here is the link for you all to enjoy!  Thanks Mel !!! :-)


John Neuhaus, MD said...

I would like to send some more monk seal pictures to you for the blog. Could you please let me know how I can do that?
Kathy O

John Neuhaus, MD said...

Add on to last message, my e-mail is I am currently on my son's computer with different e-mail info. I did not want these last 2 comments published, I just want to know where to send the pictures.
Kathy O

madhatter said...

Thanks for posting love to see video's.
They are so sweet playing,the kind of life a Monk Seal should have.
OH and DB I too believe that Irma is still out there just hope she returns soon.