Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4-21-2014 Lesley's Windward & Turtle Bay Trek

Diane & I did the Windward & TBR monitoring today. 

We started combing the beaches at Kualoa Point, then Hau'ula, Malaekahana, Kahuku Golf Course  - looking for R5AY "Honey Girl" and finally we made it to Turtle Bay.
There, we found our first seal of the day RK82 "La'akea". We put a sign up and called the Ambassadors to please bring more.

The weather wasn't merciful to us, we were soaked several times by the on and off showers. 

We arrived at Elbow Beach under a shower, the girls RL54 "Kaikaina" & RF20 "Meli" were hauled out beside each other.

We received a couple of calls reporting R5AY "Honey Girl" on Temple Beach, as there wasn't much action happening at TBR and NO ONE was venturing out on the beach, we decided to head back to check on the lady.

It took us a while and after several calls to get the correct location, we finally found her tucked away in a Naupaka opening just off Bikini Beach. She is looking beautiful in her new coat and is ~ 90% molted. There's only one last strip on her back.

Thank you to Mike and his wife for reporting and for keeping an eye on her during the day.

Diane and I once again were amazed that this is probably the only place in Hawaii, where you find 4 seals in a day and they are all family related (mother and daughters). We also were told that RI37 "Bessie", the eldest daughter,  was hauled out on the North Shore. We're only missing RA20 (F b.2009) to complete the family on Oahu !!  Aloha, Lesley 

Photo was labeled "sign says it all" - it took me a few minutes... okay more than a few minutes to realize this wasn't a new volunteer shirt... but a sign sticking out of Diane's back pack.... I love the concept... although I am afraid some people would read into it the wrong way.
R5AY aka Honey Girl looking beautiful in her new coat
 just a little old fur left
 Meli RF20 and RL54 Kaikaina sisters hanging out
 cutey patootie
 Here's their other sister RK82 Luana

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