Monday, April 7, 2014

4-7-2014 - Leslie's Turtle Bay & Mokuleia Trek

I had the first shift @ TBR with RF20 "Meli" , before heading out to Elbow Beach I checked the Main Beach and there was RK82 "La'akea" that had just hauled out. 

At Elbow Beach RF20 "Meli" was hauled out on the beach completely dry sleeping - she remained in the exact position for the entire shift.

I hiked out to 2nd Beach / Marconi Rd they were all seal free.

FromTBR I drove out to Mokuleia. RK36 "Kauai Kolohe" had just haulied out on Waialua side of Camp Erdman.

Then I hiked to birth beach / Mokuleia, little RN58 "Luana" was in a deep sleep just at the last step of the trail down to the original pup camp site. I asked myself if the natural barrier (actually ancient Hawaiian Stone Wall) wasn't there how far up would she go.

Due to how late it was and the weather changing fast I opted not to hike out to the point today  Aloha, Lesley

Meli - well we know she's not blocking the sun... there wasn't any!
 Luana hanging out in the pathway
 looks like a little out of place 

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