Sunday, April 27, 2014

4-26-2014 Lesley's Saturday Ka'ena Point Trek

It was an interesting group on the hike out to monitor today.   

Marie (South/East Shore volunteer) called me couple of days ago and asked if she and a friend could join us for the Saturday monitoring out to KPT.  

We met at the parking lot Mokuleia side bright and early. Also with us were Andrei & Greg, two Punahou 8th graders that needed to fulfill some Community Work hours participating in our outreach work with the HMS
At the point RW02 "Kauai PV" and RK36 "Kauai Kolohe" were in a very empty Main Pool due to low tide. That did not bother them the least they were splashing, nagging, barking the whole time we were there.

There were NO seals on Back Beach but many trails up and down.
On the way back I stopped to check birth beach and found RN58 "Luana" near the water line. She was all breaded and sunbathing her belly
It was a beautiful sunny and windy day.  Aloha, Lesley 

So how cute is this little Luana  
 so relaxed  so sweet
 RW02 and RK36  Two Kauai boyz having it out
 back off !
 I guess not !!  

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