Wednesday, April 2, 2014

4-2-2014 DB's Dailies:

At 0634 on my first look at Rabbit Island I found Sadie (RB12)just moving down and behind the water front rocks at the far left end of RI. She would be nearly invisible all day, until I got back to the pier for my afternoon session at 1451. Still no pup.
Also at 0634 I found RM38 near the Morning Glory to the left of 1BS. He would move down to the water line to join Sadie for the day. When I got back at 1451 he was gone.
At 1141 posse member June stopped by the pier to increase my girth, and called excitedly to report an animal swimming under the pier near the shore line. I ran out immediately, and did manage to see a few seconds of swimming head. That was to the end of that. Looking at June’s photos , in camera, she lucked out and got a shot of Mojo (RI17) and his signature natural bleach on the top left side of his head. Thank You June !!!
Barbara called from Vegas at 0633 to advise that one of their posse had reported an animal at the showers , White Plains. Vera Cober would confirm the M&M (R020) ID at 0910.
Cianna called at 0800 with the report of an U/U on the North Shore. Awaiting further word.
Cianna called again at 1030 with the report of an U/U near the fire station in Hauula. Posse member Kimo Smith just happened to be driving by while on the job, and confirmed the R5AY ID at 1033.
Dana called at 1110 with the report of the arrival of Haupu (RB24) to WP at 1045.

The Donna called at 1339 having received photos from one of her kayaker posse, reporting an U/U at Moku Nui. Photo evidence confirmed the KC (RK28) ID. I forwarded the shots to Tracy, and got a return email providing word that KC had been documented back in August, by Navy survey personnel, on Niihau, with her pup !!! ID was by her bleach. Previous to that sighting she had been seen at Kualoa on 7-6-13, and afterward on N. Larsen’s , Kauai, on 10-15-13. By 1-6-14 she was seen back on Oahu at Moku Nui, and has been back on Oahu since.  
Okay I have to say it... it's been weighing on me for several weeks now and I am sure many of you are worried about Irma.... After reading about KC and her travels it gives me hope... that Miss Irma is out there. We may never know but I look forward to the day when the Dailies state: Sheeeeeee's Baaaaack!  Miss Irma get your tooshie home.

Sadie aren't you ready yet?
  KC on Moku Nui
 signature cookie cutter scars
 MM at white plains ... thank you Vera (all i can say is good thing Vegas time is only 3 hours difference! 

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