Friday, April 4, 2014

4-3-2014 DB's Dailies:

On my 0645 Rabbit Island check it was RM38 & Sadie (RB12) at the far left end of the beach. When I got back to Makai Pier at 0830 it was RM38...Sadie & a small black "player to be named later", on RI. Yes.... though on paper she was due on 3-28, Sadie knew that today was the day !! Mom and pup were there all day. M38 was gone at 1051.
On a pan at 0913 I found Sadie’s pup from last year, Kainoa (RN04) snoozin’ amongst the Kainoa sized rocks fronting 1BS. He was oblivious to what Mom was doin’. He remained all day.
At 1332 what proved to be RIP (RR70) hauled out left on 1BS on RI. He saw Sadie and pup and stayed 100 ft away. He had last been seen (by me) on RI, 3-17-14. Nothing since.
At 0730 John called from White Plains to report an animal on the beach and a swimming head patrolling the beach front. Vera Cober called at 0912 to confirm M&M (R020) on the beach, as well as another animal that they were having difficulty getting an ID on . Diane T would call at 0958 with confirmation of an RV08 tag, making it Buster (RV08). He had last been report on 3-17-14, on the Reef Runway.
Kimo Smith called at 0713, on his way to a Hauula job, to report R5AY once again across from the Fire Station in Hauula.

At 0840 Team Billand called from Vegas advising of a call from the Hotline about "N12" being seen on the Reef Runway site. N12 would be Aukai and though possible, it didn’t seem likely. I called Heide Weber on the Hotline and learned that the reporting security guard (not Eileen) thought he saw a bleach on "N12...112 or maybe N2" on a large animal, who was in the company of an U/U small animal. Given the size description as a large animal it pretty much has to be Ewa Girl (RS00), but an U/U will probably be required by the office.

 Rip (the original Rabbit Island Pup) hauls out today for the latest Rabbit Island Pup
 Congrats Mama Sadie on the birth of your second offspring  
 Buster and MM at white plains
 thank you Diane T... great shots of Buster and and MM
 MM and Buster
 R5AY green and peeling

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Melanie said...

"He was oblivious to what Mom was doin’."

Kainoa: I don't know nothin' about birthin' babies!