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4-12-2013 DB's Dailies:Sadie&Pup,Kainoa&U/F@RI, R018,M&M@WP, Pohaku@Sec, RIP&Rocky@DH, Haupu@GR, Benny@Maili Pt, Aukai&U/U@Mokes, Kaikaina,Meli@TB,La'akea@Kahuku Pt, Ka'ena,Kolohe,RW30,RW02,Kerby@KP, Luanna@Mokuleia, U'ilani@Waikiki

On my first look at Rabbit Island I found Sadie&Pup (RB12)(D#9), in a slighting new location, 70 ft left of 1BS on RI. The pup appeared stronger and began showing independents, moving to the water on its own on 2 occasions, with Mom must watching. All water activity was in the shore break. There were multiple feeds, but all were on the other side of Sadie, so I couldn’t see anything.
When I returned to Makai Pier at 0850 I found that a probable juvenile, U/F was now at Right Greenery on RI. She would remain all day. This may well be the same U/F I saw on 3-29-14. She is untagged, and pristine.
On a pan at 1028 I found Kainoa (RN04) new arrived fronting 3BS, on RI. His new CC wound was clearly visible. I consider this haul out to be a good thing. Since his wound he has been at 1BS and probably overnighting. This means he has been out, and hopefully foraging and getting back to some kinda’ normal. He would remain the rest of the day.
At 0702 Team Billand reported R018 at #1708, and M&M fronting #1707. Volunteers Trudy and Alan would report R018 entering the water at 1112, with M&M following . Both would haul out together to the same SPZ at 1215.
Also at 0702 the Billands advised that volunteer Linda, had reported Pohaku (RO28) at Secrets. Volunteer Diane T would report her departure at 0930. Thanks to Diane & daughter Jenny for another day on the front lines.
At 1000 Colleen checked in to advise that RIP (RR70) was at Diamond Head.
At 1011 Marilyn checked in from the end of the world. She, Lesley& Ken had found RW30, Ka’ena (RO40), RW02, Kolohe (RW22) & late arrival Kerby (RW08) at KP, and Luana (RN58) at her birth beach, Mokuleia.
At 1209 Donna called to advise that her kayaker posse had reported 2 animals on Moku Nui. Photos received were of only one of the animals. Based solely on a right shoulder pit scar I’ve gotta’ go with Aukai (RL12), but ???? I’d put a cat on KC as the other animal, but again ???? Report was two seals on the beach, but they both left and the smaller one returned. Thank you Laura for capturing Aukai and looking over her while out there with your tour.
At 1256 Team Billand found Haupu (RB24) at Guard Rails Beach, Maili.
At 1323 the Billands found Benny (RE74) at Maili Point.
Vacationing Canadian posse persons Todd & Darlene Van Elslander called from their Gold Coast , Waikiki condo to report "N37" foraging off shore. That would be little U’ilani(RN36) of course. Thanks guys...... Ya’ Done Good, Eh !!
Colleen checked in at 1443 to advise that RIP had departed at 1430. She was told there was another animal further west at DH. At 1453 she reported Rocky (RH58) more toward the Beach Rd end of DH.
Email from Karen Rohter brought word of Meli (RF20)&Kaikaina (RL54) together at Turtle Bay. A passerby also advised her that "K82" (La’akea) was around Kahuku Point.

The Billands are workin’ late again. Check the blog in the morning for their day.

 Sadie and pup
 there goes the pup 
 look ma no hands
 This little girl is making the rounds... she's pretty cute... just hope she stays out of trouble
 Aukai on the Moku Nui....
 Meli and Kaikaina
 Rocky visiting her Diamond Head home
Ka'ena, RW02 
 Ka'ena RW02 and Kolohe the meeting of the minds!
 Pohaku at Secrets... what a day what a day what a day!

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