Sunday, April 13, 2014

4-13-2014 DB's Dailies: Sadie&Pup, U/F & Kainoa@RI, Haupu@Aulani, Pohaku&Nihoa@Secrets, Meli&Kaikaina@TB, Benny@Maili Pt,

On this Victory at Sea, windy, rainy day I found Sadie&Pup (RB12)(D#10) with a feed in progress at the left end of Rabbit Island, the U/F once again at Right Greenery, and Kainoa (RN04) at mid Middle Cliff on Rabbit Island. The U/F would depart at 1050. All other remained all day. Mom& pup did a rough water swim session which provided the kid a good work out. What little I could see of them for their 1 hr in the water, the kid appeared to be having a fun time. They would haul out for a feed and a snooze at 1149.
The Billands advised that volunteer Linda had reported Haupu (RB24) fronting the Aulani Hotel, at Lagoon#1, KoOlina at 0610. To all who came to serve today, Thank You.......Very Much !!!
At 0754 the Billands reported Pohaku(RO28)&Nihoa(R912) together at Secrets, KoOlina. They would thankfully depart at 0912. The Billands followed them and reported them foraging off shore, fronting Lagoon#1.
Dana checked in at 1117 advising that Meli (RF20) & big sister Kaikaina (RL54) together at the Elbow, Turtle Bay.

Team Billand found Benny (RE74) at Maili Point.

 Sadoe and pup
 U/F  mystery guest who can it be? 
 Benny at Maili
 Haupu with friend (Linda)
 Robert talking with the crowds
 Haupu visiting Disney
 Haupu at KoOlina
 Haupu looking larger than... geesh
 Nihoa at Secrets
 Nihoa finger nails
 Pohaku and Nihoa
 girls night out
 Awww BFF


Amy Boyer said...

Love the last one of the girls greeting!

barbara said...

Pohaku is so large again, and taking over Secrets, same as last year.

She found a friend, a female called Nihoa. She was very curious of Nihoa. Postured, like tippy toe, LOOKING at her.

She then galumphed as DB would say, all the way over to Nihoa. Nihoa came over to check Pohaku out as well.

Pohaku tossed her head up with a bit of sand, then glared at Nihoa intently. They got face to face, sniffed at each others body, kissed, and then Pohaku just rolled on her side. She was greatful, Nihoa was a FEMALE!!!

Pohaku then rolled back on her fat belly, galumphed to the waters edge, with Miss Nihoa following her from behind.

Both seals gently entered the water, went left together like two ladies

They went far away from Secrets, in front of Aulani and FORAGED sweet. We watched, timed them doing 5 to 6 minute dives, maybe 10 ups, then We left area.

We did return to see if they came back to Secrets around 2pm, but, no one was home.

Miss Haupu, the fat chick, was out basking in front of Aulani, a very busy area there. Linda thankfully found her early on around 6am. Linda called us, we took off to find Linda, Security..THE AWESOME ALOHA TEAM with signs and ropes to make the zone for our Fat Female...HAUPU.

Zone up, people were educated, Called Dana for troops and Miss Haupu was set for the day with allllll the humans around her.

I love this seal, she is a character, so cute, so chubby, just a PRETTY. Thanks to all who took care of her...ya all done really good in protecting and educatin.

There were no seals in the SWQ for a change yesterday...where did they all go???? Any ways, best they werent around, there were TOO MANY PEOPLE EVERY WHERE. And along the coast from Leeward on, Fishermen all lined up with tons of fishing poles, maybe a Tournament. Hope all our seals were safe..

Now, I got to admit, I am concerned for Kermit R4DG. We been looking every where we can think of without finding our FAT BOY. I really miss seeing him and hope he is ok. He was found daily and not seeing him ever...just ... sad. Prayers Kermit. Call home...we miss ya.

Dana Jones said...

A Big Thank You to all the troops that showed up yesterday for the masses at Ko'olina. Thanks to Linda & Terri for being on the scene so early for all 3 seals. Recruitment was accomplished and brand new Ko'olina volunteer has joined the ranks. New volunteers also showed up for training, and it was a perfect place to get the ole feet wet for seal educating. Thank you ALL. Dana