Wednesday, April 16, 2014

4-16-2014 Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

Kimo Lyman joined me today to do the Ka'ena Point hike and HMS monitoring. 

RR70 "Rip" was the first seal we saw. He was hauled out near the waterline @ Hidden Beach. There were several trails high above the high tide line, meaning he may have overnighted. 
I called DB to let him know that his "first born" was there.
We had last seen RR70 "Rip" @ Hidden Beach with R912 "Nihoa" after she weaned her pup and was going thru her molt.

He was still there when we hiked out. A couple had just parked their truck and were about to walk down to the beach with a dog running around them. I whistled from far and they stopped on their steps. As soon as I caught up with them and explained that dogs were not allowed at Ka'ena Pt off leash and that there was a seal on the beach. They apologized, tied the dog up on the back of the truck and then asked me if they could go down in turns to see the seal to take a couple of photos. I walked down with them and did some extra outreach.
Next morning encounters were RW30 Molokai girl, hauled out on the reef at the entrance of Ka'ena's Pool.
RO40 "Ka'ena" was at the very end of the Runway and RW02 "Kauai PV" was in a very well hidden place beyond the Main Pool.
Lindsay (from the Pacific Rim Conservation / Birds) was"was with a group banding Albatross chicks and some of the adult birds. Betsy Gagné  (from NARS) was with them.

A group of ~70 Punahou seniors arrived at the point, Betsy came down and we did some outreach with the students. After they left Betsy, Kimo & I spent another couple of hours talking stories - there's always so much more to learn about that place.
The tide started to rise, bigger waves rolled in, from the Main Beach we kept an eye on RO40 "Ka'ena" and saw him be washed by a couple of waves. We packed up and prepared to go that way, one last wave and he decided to enter the water. We went up the trail towards his pool and sure enough there he was at the entrance trying to haul in, but Ms RW30 spread herself in front of him blocking his passage. He insisted on one side, then the other and finally just lay himself beside her and both went to sleep.
Kimo & I did a last check on birth beach / Mokuleia and there was RN58 "Luana" near the waterline. She was sleeping in a position were her hind was down a sand dune. She looked just like a little puppy after playing for a long time fall asleep on its food dish.
Some days are just so very special, today was one of those and a very needed and welcome one.  Aloha,  Lesley 

Albatross chickie
the rest of the family
 Rn58  Luana
 Ka'ena and Molokai Girl RW30
 Molokai Girl being sweet as can be 

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