Saturday, April 26, 2014

4-25-2014 DB Dailies (cont) Team Billand @ White Plains Seal Drama

MM and Rip Looks like a romance is brewing
 R018 and Buster
 and the boys go at it
 seems like this is the place to be
 Rip Buster and R018
 the boyz are back in town
 all that posturing is exhausting... seems like they are ready for a beer.... What you say beer?  yes how about a Rogue Monk Seal Ale ?????  
 you were suppose to bring the BEER dude!
 Rip, MM, R018 and Buster
 Rip - geesh I just want to cuddle up with MM

1 comment:

madhatter said...

love the look on Buster's face when he approaches
RO 18