Thursday, April 10, 2014

4-9-2014 Lesley's Ka'ena Point Trek

Another seal day in Hawaii Nei !

I met with Juliana a visitor from Brazil in Haleiwa before heading out to Ka'ena. She arrived last night after a nearly 30 hours trip from door-to-door. She was a real trouper, did the full KPt hike and Turtle Bay monitoring !!

We started off checking Camp Erdman and birth beach Mokuleia  - both were seal free.
First seal of the day was RW30 Molokai girl on the reefs at the inside side of Ka'ena's Pool, then RO40 "Ka'ena and RW22 "Kolohe" at the end of the runway, RW02 "Kauai PV" was on the reefs to Mokuleia side of the Main Pool (exactly where Marilyn & I saw RW22 "Kolohe" haul out last Saturday) and last one was RL42 half hauled out on the center reef of the Main Pool.

We checked Back Beach several times unfortunately Temp 401 was a no-show today.

I was told by hikers, that came in from Waianae side that there was a "Mum & Pup" down the cliff half way into the hike. After some outreach, it seems more like a big seal and a smaller one.
Kimo Lyman met up with us on the way back, he checked birth beach Mokuleia again and it was still seal free.

From there we crossed North Shore for a shift with RF20 "Meli" @ Turtle Bay. She was sleeping near the water line in a very dry coat with a couple of splash drops on it. According to the log she was already hauled out @ 9:00 AM on the first shift.

Kelsey (NV) joined me again today for some beach training, we hiked out together to 2nd beach / Marconi Rd - it was seal free.

When Angela arrived for the last shift we had a good Q&A session and laughs with her. I had to leave and hope that Angela & Kelsey got to see more action from RF20 "Meli" that we did. Seems she may be doing night sessions or VERY early ones.
Juliana was very pleased with her day and all the outreach we did - it's a shame she's only here for a short visit she'd love to volunteer with us.  
Aloha,  Lesley 
 Ka'ena & Kolohe

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