Wednesday, July 8, 2015

7/8/2015 DB's Dailies: Cass@RI, DB, U/U@SB, Makaiwi@Erdman, Lesley M., Kaikaina,RI37, Ua Malie&PO3@TB, Melanie ., Nihoa@Keaau's, Rocky@EB, Team Billand

As usual Gayle and I were out and around in the SE quadrant, and once again, the Rabbit Island cast of 1, was the only find.

 On my 2nd look at RI at 0830 I found Cass (RG06) just hauling out to the left end rock flats. She would galumph across the flats to the cliff, and then into a cave where she remained hidden until coming out into view again at 1004. On a pan at 1106 she was no longer visible and I did not see her the rest of the day.

At 1534 Ocean Safety called with the report of an animal attempting to haul out at the east end of Sandy Beach, with crowd. When I arrived at 1538 I found only the crowd. Witnesses advised that there had been an animal who appeared to want to haul out to the beach, near the outfall, but the adoring hordes were right in its face, and it never cleared the water, moving off to the east. There is zero doubt in my mind that it was Buster, since this same scenario has played out many a time. I’ve got 2 cats on Buster but and U/U is required.

 At 1104 a DianeT text brought word of Kaikaina (RL54)&RI37 together at MacKenzie’s , Turtle Bay (per Carola). Ua Malie&PO3 were at the birth beach.

A 1421 call from Melanie C., said the same thing. Neither Diane T., nor Melanie saw Kaikaina or RI37.

 At 1112 Team Billand reported Nihoa (R912), thankfully out of a canal, and snoozin’ away the day at Keaau’s.

 The highlight of the day came with a call from Lesley M., reporting Makaiwi (R4DF) in the Camp Erdman/Dillingham AF area. That is truly amazing !!! ID was by her N45 bleach and tags. She was just at Sandy Beach with Kolohe day before yesterday (7-6-15), and I fully expected maybe a westside call or something about now, but Camp Erdman ????... that is most certainly Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!. No Kolohe. I wonder were she dumped the boy. Stay tuned.

 Team Billand responded to a 1715, Ewa Beach call, and at 1809 reported Rocky (RH58) near 185C access. She is due on or about 7-14-15. On her way to Kauai ????????? Only Rocky Knows !

 Maka'iwi at Camp Erdman ... this girl must speedy flipper propellers 
 her N45 bleach mark 
 Ua Malie and PO3
 sing it out kiddo
 belly shot.... ummmm haven't a clue
 Rocky... where you going to be tomorrow?

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