Saturday, July 4, 2015

7/4/2015 DB's Dailies: Kea&Cass,RI, Nihoa&Benny@PC, RI37@3Tables, R330,Ka'ena,RW02,RL42&U'ilani@KP, Ua Malie,PO3& La'akea@TB, 7-4-15 / YN, Kaiwi,R330,RIP&RW02

At 0840 I found Kea (RN46) fronting Left Greenery, on Rabbit Island. He would snooze away the day there. It would be 1139 before I saw my next critter. On a routine pan I happened to see a glint, down in a tide pool left of Seal Rock Inlet. It would prove to be Cass (RG06). She would move up briefly on her way to the next tide pool, but it was enough to get the ID. That was the SE quadrant cast for the day. Thanks to Gayle for the usual rounds.

 At 0645 Team Billand reported Nihoa (R912) at Paradise Cove.

 Dana called at 0925 to advise that Benny (RE74) had joined Nihoa.

 Thanks to Nancy,Ralph, Jean,Terri & of course the Billands, from Nihoa & Benny !

 Also on that call Dana advised that RI37 was at 3 Tables today.

 Marilyn & Lesley did the usual Saturday trudge to the End of the World. They were rewarded with 5 animals. R330, Ka’ena (RO40), RW02, RL42 & Ui’lani (RN36).

 In the Yesterday’s News department, Ken Tingman had gone out late yesterday to KP, and reported Kaiwi (RK96), R330, RIP (RR70) & RW02. Melanie checked in at 1509 to advise that Ua Malie & PO3 were at the birth site, and La’akea (RK82) was at Elbow Beach, Turtle Bay.

 Diane Pike checked in from the wilds of Molokai to provide shots of Mama RW30, and her son, PM5. Thank You Diane !!

 Last but not least, it’s the 4th of July and that means a Happy 2nd Birthday to Kea (RN46) !!

 Happy Birthday Kea... everyone else gets cupcakes and pies.... but you little get the sky lit up! 
 RW30 and PM5 from out Molokai buddy Diane T
 super green !! wow
Here's Beny !!! wasn't someone just asking were's Benny?
 Benny and Nihoa at paradise cove
everyone in the water! 

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b said...

Many thanks to Nancy Greer and Port for finding Nihoa at 6am. Paradise Cove. Rob and I were relieved she was at KoOlina again for the second day in a row. Thanks to Nancy, she kept folks back till we got there and then we all put the ropes and signs out for the FOURTH OF JULY crowd. Everyone was good.

We left to do a search 8:45am, but got the call from Dana, Benny joined Nihoa at PC.

Ralph was on watch, we got out there as fast as we could, thinking both seals may leave. NOPE...both seals were on shore, basking away. Thanks to Ralph and Wife who kept all those people back from the two seals upon Benny's arrival.

Ralph also kept folks from Harassing the turtle, the one turtle that tried to come in the lagoon to rest. ITs so hard to continue our education on KEEPING THE TURTLES FROM BEING FOLLOWED as they come in. I dont see why folks have to run after them, chase them with gro pros in face. Where is the respect of nature? Let them come in the lagoon to rest...LIKE THEY USED TO. We dont even see Lucky anymore.

Jean and daughter came next on watch...thanks to you fine ladies, the seals got a needed R and R for a change.

To Nancy who came back for a watch again and to Terri who took the last watch.

Ralph and Wife stayed all day, I dont know how they did it...that sun was BLAZING HOT. Its funny, all the people were in the water and the two seals remained on shore till 6:45pm before finally leaving per Terri.

It is wonderful we had so much help out there on a busy FOURTH of JULY!! I love it when volunteers come together on the WEST SIDE...we need each and everyone of you guys, BLESS YOU ALL.

And I want to say, it was awesome not to go to all the canals yesterday looking for Nihoa. She was happy on shore, drying out, with Benny. Benny was a bit annoying to her at first, but, both seals got the rest they needed. Hmmm, wonder where they are going with the LONG REST????

To Port,you are an amazing boy and so respectful waiting for your mom. Nice to meet you Fletcher, glad you met the two seals yesterday. Have a nice vacation here.