Thursday, July 16, 2015

7/16/2015 DB's Dailies: Aukai&Cass@RI, Kaiwi@Moku Iki, UU@PC, RL42&Ka'ena@KP

Today was day #1 of the field portion of the NOAA vaccination drill. The SE quadrant critters didn’t cooperated at all. The Rabbit Island crew that launched from Makai Pier had slightly better luck. Cianna,Sam,David&Chad went from Rabbit Island all the way to Chinaman’s Hat. They documented Aukai (RL12) at Rabbit Island. Little Cass didn’t haul out until 1245 so missed the action.

 The highlight of the day for me came with a report from Sam that they had found RK97, that would be Kaiwi (RK96), at Moku Iki. This is her 2nd reported Mokes visit. She seems to be doing Lap #2 of her Circle Island Tour game. Only Kaiwi Knows !

 There was a report of an animal at Paradise Cove again today. Charlene advised that the animal departed at 1216. Awaiting photos.

 At 1037 Marilyn checked in from the End of the World. She, Angie & Rachel did the Ka’ena Point trek, and reported Ka’ena (RO40) at the runway, and RL42 below the Waianae side KP trail. Hikers advised that they had seen “N62" (RW02) & an animal with a transmitter on it’s back (RIP) at the point, however they found nobody when they got back to the point.

 In the Yesterday’s New department the photo of the animal at Sunset Beach was inconclusive, but is an obvious female.

 The animal reported at Lagoon #3, by Charlene, would prove to be Pohaku (RO28).

 Rabbit Island Crew with Aukai

 Pohaku at Ko Olina
Angie and Rachel

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