Tuesday, July 7, 2015

7/6/2015 DB's Dailies: Kolohe&Makaiwi@SB, Kaiwi@LL, Cass@RI, Kimo Kai@GR, Ua Malie,PO3,La'akea,Ola&RI37@TB

It was quite a day in the SE quadrant. My day began at 0615 with Kolohe (RW22) & Makaiwi (R4DF), together at Crappy Cove, Sandy Beach. I cordoned them off and notified the crew. Team Billand was wild with excitement and showed up to greet Makaiwi later. Gayle and special guest star THE Donna, also showed up. Mid day it looked like they were headed out, but alas Makaiwi made a quick turn at the last second and returned to the beach, with Kolohe right behind, to a spot, 100 west of their starting point. We redid the cordon and they remain. The duo would depart at 1938.

 Makaiwi had last been reported , on Maui, on 6-12-15 so there was a really good chance she was headed this way. Now we know she was. Her last Oahu sighting was on 12-8-14, when I found her mid way between Kaupo Beach Park and Makai Pier. In between she has been a Kona girl.

 The 2nd highlight of this day came with a call from Gayle, reporting the return of Kaiwi (RK96) to her home in the SE Quadrant. Gayle found her at Buster Flats, Lanai Lookout. She was gone on her late afternoon recheck, probably due to tide. She had last been seen at Ka’ena Point on 7-3-15.

 I got in just a quicky Rabbit Island check at 1338, and found Cass (RG06), partially visible at Rocky Right Beach.

 Team Billand reported Kimo Kai (RT12) at Guard Rails at 0625.

 Diane Gabriel was a wealth of knowledge today, reporting La’akea (RK82) at Right Spot’s Spot , Turtle Bay at 1050.

She would find Ola at the birth beach, TB, at 1336.

 Of course Diane spent a shift with Ua Malie &PO3 at the birth beach. Thank you Diga !!

 Word from Val Bloy advised that Pohaku (RO28) weaned her pup, PK3, yesterday on Kauai.

 Last but not least, today Ka’ena (RO40) turns 9 years old !!! It seems like only yesterday I was humping rebar and orange fencing (2 trips) out to KP.

what a wonderful surprise Maka'iwi and her faithful companion Kolohe
 bump on a log :-)
 Although Kolohe was relentless... he was a gentleman too

 settled back on shore 
 Busted !!! don't tell my boss I skipped out this morning.... she makes me work ALL the time!
Happy Birthday Ka'ena 9 years old
 Kaiwi returns home after hanging out at Ka'ena point with her new seal buds
Kimo Kai at guard rail
 Pohaku's weaner... Kauai's 3rf pup for 2015 PK3
 sweet !!

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Great to see Makaiwi, she sure travels a lot !