Monday, July 20, 2015

7/20/2015 DB's Dailies: Aukai&Cass@RI, Pohaku&Benny@KoOlina, Kimo Kai@Nanakai, Kekoa@Maili Pt., Nihoa@Maipalaoa, RI37@Hauula, 7-20-15 Y/N, Ua,PO3&La'akea@TB,

Once again the SE quadrant was Monk Seal free based on passes by both Gayle & myself, until well into my 2nd look at Rabbit Island, when, on a routine pan, at 1005 I found what would prove to be Aukai (RL12) out on the left end rock flats where she remained the rest of the day.

 The Billands are back from their Big Island adventure, and sure enough there was an increase in west side activity. At 0626 the Billands advised that Linda had called from KoOlina reporting 2 unknowns at L#2. They were gone when the Billands arrived at 0730.

 At 0900 the Billands found Kimo Kai (RT12) at Nanakai Beach, Maili. He was gone on their 1411 recheck.

 At 1121 they found Kekoa (RK72) at Maili Point.

 At 1121 they got another call about 2 animals at L#2, KoOlina. At 1208 they confirmed Pohaku (RO28)&Benny (RE74). At some point they would depart.

 At 1028 they Billands advised that Debbie was with Nihoa (R912) at Maipalaoa Canal.

 At 1439 the Billands reported Pohaku&Benny at Lagoon#3, KoOlina. Dana checked in at 1449 with the report of RI37, once again in Hauula.

 In the Yesterday’s News department, Diane Terai sent photos from yesterday’s evening session at Turtle Bay, where she found Ua Malie&PO3, and La’akea (RK82).

 Yesterday's news Ua and PO3 
kimo kai 
 Kekoa at maili
Pohaku and Benny at Paradise Cove
 herrrreeee's Benny ! no doubt about it
 Ua and PO3 
 a little shake and bake
 i got sand in my eye
 nothing a swim won't cure
 some one who was totally disrespectful of the pupping site.... 


b said...

And so, what happened to the TOURIST IN THE PUP ZONE????

Let me guess, NOTHING.

So this type of behavior will CONTINUE. Because, NOTHING HAPPENED TO HER. RIGHT?

Lets see, she didnt KNOW. She is not from Hawaii. SO ... then Turtle Bay should give her the books. TEACH HER, its not ok to go into a ZONE, HELLO???

Tell her if she does that again, she is forbidden on the beach out there...FOR GOOD.

A nice fine would be .........SENSATIONAL. But that wont happen, WILL IT???

I always feel so bad for our seals, they suffer, daily.

What was that pretty lady going to do???

She will put her pretty shots on FACEBOOK, so all can see, what she saw in Hawaii. And then, others will feel its ok to do that...and the circle goes on and on.

Donna Festa said...

Hi Barb

Unfortunately I don't think this person is a tourist....
I also believe the folks at the pupping site have been updated and if it happens again to work with Turtle Bay Security.... they have been extremely helpful in these situations.

Anonymous said...

Why did this happen?
Let me guess: the volunteer was sleeping because it is too hot!!!

Why would you guys care when you all of do it. Let me guess again: YOU guys can do it, but the rest of the mortals can't?
You can all put closeups taken with a lousy camera, taken 3ft from the seal, showing the pores of the seals and brag about it on your blog, but the rest of the mortals can't? right?
I guess the photos of KimoKai were shot 150ft away Mrs Billand...????

There is no harassment, there is no crime. As Dana Jones put it on HNN: it is a guideline. You may call the Pope if you wish, the woman didn't do anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

you are NO ONE, NO AUTHORITY to say this: "Tell her if she does that again, she is forbidden on the beach out there...FOR GOOD."
Who are you? who do you think you are? you dare to tell me that and you will see who is forbidden for good.

all of you should stay out of all of the beaches of Oahu.

Donna said...

okay I am confused are we dealing with two anonymous people? are they arguing with each other?
Here's my issue... if you want to get on your soap box fine but don't be a chicken shit and hide behind anonymous.... if you have something to say then own it.

otherwise go troll someone else's site.

Wayne K S Kaululaau said...

Anonymous: When making threats to others you should post name, and not hide behind a fictitious moniker. It seems rather obvious your poor attitude stems from poor upbringing in Hawaii nonetheless. While it may not be illegal, it certainly is dangerous to enter considering the area is currently home to a mother and her pup. God forbid some person such as yourself who has no care in the world for anyone, but yourself to startle a mom nursing her pup and receive a nasty bite. These volunteers are doing great work in protecting the world's most endangered marine mammal from small minded people such as yourself who lack any sense of decency or respect.
I understand the frustration you go through Barbara and suggest continuing the great work you and Robert do every day to protect these marine mammals. Please don't let the comments from some petulant child ruin your day. Please, volunteers, keep up the great work the seals need you out there to keep them safe from haters. Aloha!

Diga said...

Yes the beaches are public but disturbing a seal isn't right and it's illegal. The zone is put up for the public and the seals protection. A mother seal will try to protect her pup. Why get so close that you risk disturbing the seal or getting bit? How close would you want someone to get to you if you were trying to sleep on a beach? The problem is, if one person crosses the zone it gives permission to everyone else, which will disturb the seals. Not everyone is respectful.

You're right. The volunteers are not the police. We are out there to answer questions and provide information. If you want to get in our face, fine. Just don't use the seal to do it. It's not bothering you so leave it in peace. Diane G.

b said...

I thank Miss Donna, Miss Diga for the words said. And to Mr Kaululaau, I am so happy to hear from you as well. Thanks for the words of encouragement to deal with unhappy people.

As for photos, I stand behind the ropes and signs like everyone else.

My camera is not a bazooka camera such as YOURS. But I do ok to make id's.

As for Kimo Kai RT12, I have fallen in love with this sweet male from Kauai and try hard to care for him . I believe he may be going into a molt session, so that was the close up of his chest neck area to show, there may be a possible molt coming up.

I love close ups to show the details in a seal, the markers for ID, the beautiful faces they have, each a bit different.

Sad when we all cant just take care of the seals together...its about them, NOT ABOUT US!!!

And NO that person should not have gone in the zone period. Moms may abandone their pups if frightened...everyone knows that. What is so hard to respect let the seals be. They suffer from idiots daily..and we are all there to help them, not harass them or go IN THE give them a space in life to REST.

Life is short to bicker about silly things...lets work together all...keep the seals thriving, safe, and educate those who dont understand about seals and zones.

Have a safe day all...god bless.